Watch “Impotent Rage: The Liberal Superhero!”

Impotent Rage features the left-wing superhero protagonist of the same name in his adventures in a satirical cartoon series that airs on CNT in Grand Theft Auto V. Impotent Rage is a parody of extreme liberals (much like how Republican Space Rangers and Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce are parodies of extreme conservatives and LGBTQ… activists). “IR” is very environmental and gets incredibly angry when things don’t go his way, causing his body to bulk up immensely whenever angered. Impotent Rage appears to be hypocritical as well, claiming to support poor workers whilst running a huge corporation at the same time. He also enjoys many luxuries.

Impotent Rage: The Liberal Superhero

The character is as popular as Republican Space Rangers and there appears to be a relation between both franchises as they have even had a crossover together. The protagonists can also get Impotent Rage tattoos at local Tattoo Parlors.

Impotent Rage is voiced by Frank Simms.

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