Tim Pool is Right! YouTube to Ban Creators Under COPPA

In a recent interview with the Happy Warrior Youtube channel, Zach Vorhies, a former Senior Software Engineer for both Google & YouTube, confirmed what many YouTube creators like Tim Pool have been speculating. According to Vorhies, YouTube is purposely punishing creators whose content doesn’t agree with a mainstream progressive political ideology even while knowing it hurts their financial bottom line. And that the company’s recent changes to its official guidelines to allow the banning of non “commercially viable’ creators will be used towards this goal.


There’s been a lot of concern and worry in the minds of YouTube creators throughout November. YouTube officially announced significant changes to its guidelines against recent distrust with the alphabet company and as a response to punishment from the U.S. government for its failure to obey the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (C.O.P.P.A.). Thousands of YouTube creators in all categories and not just the news/politics category have reported losing hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of views of their videos and channels for not fitting the Alphabet corporation’s politics. Just in September, YouTube channel Nerd City found that YouTube was purposely punishing anyone discussing a hefty list of social politic subjects, including L.B.G.T. issues. Video removal stories after touching upon Hillary Clinton or Project Veritas or L.G.B.T.Q. Issues are common.


In addition to our own coverage of COPPA, journalist and news creator Tim Pool of the Timcast Youtube channel is one of the most vocal of these creators. He recently shared with the Washington Examiner, of having one of his videos removed for publishing the name of the whistle-blower in the current impeachment efforts against President Trump. This video removal is just one removal in a long list of video removals for Pool. This is why he is now saying he believes that creators like him will be forced off the YouTube platform in the coming years.


This claim by Zach Vorhies is significant because it confirms what many YouTube creators like Tim Pool have suspected: that YouTube is harming original creators for politics over freedom or profit. And that instead of slowing down or changing course after hearing its creators complain, it will instead accelerate.


Tim Pool is Right! Youtube will ban creators under new guidelines! #COPPA #guidelines #creators


If you don’t want to watch the video, below is part of the relevant parts of the transcript from the interview with Peter Pischke on the Happy Warrior YouTube Channel:


Pischke: So, what do you think of the changes YouTube is making and some of them do you really think that they’re going to make (it) harder for the normal person to do channels?


Vorhies: like every time I go to Tim Pool’s (channel) you know thing and I and I watch one of his videos the up next algorithm will now select Fox News and whenever I try to go to any one of the content creators. that I like it’s always the algorithms always like auto-playing Fox News or MSNBC or these establishment news channels and it’s clear that they don’t want me to find new content related to the content that I really want to watch, and this is something that people have noticed that their view counts from the recommendation engine have fallen to 10% 5% 1% and it’s just going to get worse. 


Vorhies: it’s really obvious at this point and one of the biggest changes that they’ve just announced in the last couple days is that YouTube now reserves the right to cancel your channel if your channel is not quote-unquote commercially viable.


Pischke:  so, there’s because YouTube in particular loves to be a crazy ambiguous it since you’ve actually worked there until very recently is that just conspiracy talk when people have read the Terms of Service say they’re actually, going to go ahead and cut people off or do you think they will use that hammer?


Vorhies:  oh, I know they’ll use that hammer I mean three years of watching this this crap show continues on I’ve now realized that the reason why see the thing is that the problem that YouTube has is that when they have canceled shows in the past they have to do it in a way that’s aligned with their Terms of Service like we reserve the right to remove a channel for hate speech or blah blah blah blah blah and then what happens is that they then abuse those policies to remove content that’s objectionable to them so for example Project Veritas uploaded a video of their executive bidding on film that she wanted to prevent the next Trump situation in 2020 and so YouTube had to use mental gymnastics to come up for a reason to censor the video and they did it because of the privacy well now they’re going to remove those mental gymnastics by just saying we can ban a video and a channel for whatever reason that we want as long as that reason is within the container of not commercially viable.


What do you think about this? Are you concerned about COPPA? Is it time for video content creators to move to bitchute?

Peter Pischke

Peter Pischke is an independent journalist and YouTuber/podcast host. He can usually be found manning the Happy Warrior Podcast & YouTube Channel; providing commentary on Conservatarian politics and nerd-culture news and ideas. You can find him on Twitter: @happywarriorp or visit his website at pvpischke.com.