Story Spotlight: Archie vs Predator!

Archie has had run ins with the Punisher, Glee, Kiss, Batman, Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Anti-Christs, so many…well one of the others he’s deal with is the Freaking PREDATOR!

Yeah! Archie VS (not MEETS, but VS) the Predator! This incredible fight…well it’s not so much a fight as it is a slaughter…written by Alex de Campi and art by Fernando Ruiz. In this mini-series, we see what happens when the ultimate Hunter comes to Riverdale…and that hunter is a teenager like most of the main cast!

What starts off as a great spring break in the Caribbean goes south after Betty (a bit more unhinged in this universe) finds a jaguar knife that puts a curse on people JUST as a predator shows up! Things follow them to Riverdale where the aforementioned slaughter begins and…well the bigger question is who survives! And I’ll tell you this…the title is a red herring…come watch and see what I mean by that. Highly recommend this book too and keep an eye out for the upcoming sequel!

Also includes short back up stories where Archie characters team up with other properties with artwork by some amazing artists. I just saw where a second series has been announced, so what better time than now to check out this weird and wild match-up?

Story Spotlight: Archie vs Predator

Robert Willing

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