Inspiring Comic Writers to “Keep Writing”

by Tyler Carpenter

If you’re into comic books than you’ve probably at some point came up with a story that would be perfect for the medium. The trouble with being a writer though in the indie comic book scene is that you need an artist to totally tell your story, since comics are a visual art form. Finding an artist can be difficult, expensive, and many writers either can’t afford to pay said artist, or during the process get burned out. It’s hard being a writer in the indie comic scene.


That’s why I created my YouTube channel Draw and Talk and made this video “Keep Writing.” My channel, and this video, is all about inspiring creators to continue to keep creating. Writers have a very tough road ahead of them in the comic book scene and I was seeing a lot of distress. To bring up their spirits, “Keep Writing” was made. I asked several indie comic writers to send me audio of them saying “Keep Writing” so that I could put it in the video. Not all creators were featured but the response was great.



So to all comic writers out there…keep writing. If you ever need help, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram or Twitter at @tyler_c_world.


Keep Making Comics!

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