Indie Comic Reviews from the Multiverse: Pistorela



I’ve received another crowdfunded comic book in the mail recently and this particular one was my very first Kickstarter comic, Pistorela! It’s been called “Kill Bill” meets “Desperado”!


Pistolera tells the story of a young girl whose parents are killed in front of her and she is assaulted by their murderer. Still alive, and now pregnant, she has a seething desire for revenge!



This book is a case of a very well handled done-in-one, which I love. It set up its premise and told it well. There’s a possibly wiggle room for a sequel, but it’s fine to stand on its own. ANd I should add that I think the art is as good as the writing! I’d tell anyone to check it out. See a more detailed review in my video below:


Reviews from the Multiverse: Pistorela (Spoiler Review)

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