Disney & YouTube Strike Down Several Captain Marvel Critics


Several high profile YouTubers have recently reported that Disney issues them copyright strikes and take down notices over YouTube videos which showed and commented on the deleted scene from Captain Marvel where she batters a man and takes his motorcycle.

Here is the scene:


Captain Marvel steals a Motorcycle Extended Scene - CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) Movie Clip


This all started as a prank from YouTuber TimCast (aka Tim Pool) who said he could get the left to defend overt Fascism by posting the deleted scene. The joke being that, at the time Captain Marvel took those actions, she was fighting for the Kree who were a rather Fascist space empire. Therefore, in the context of the story, it was acceptable that the character took those actions because she was in service to a villainous force and following orders. 


I accidentally Got 'SJWs' To Defend Fascism


However, as Tim Poole predicted, the left leaning social justice fans of Captain Marvel did not say her actions were wrong but excusable given the circumstances. Instead, they argued that her actions were simply justified because the guy was being a creepy. Thus, many a feminist applauded the scene for its “Smash the Patriarchy” stance. Of course, this reveals how in love with violence SJWS tend to be, and Disney (perhaps wisely) sought to end the discussion as soon as possible lest it reveal details about their fanbase that they did not want disclosed. 




Check out my video below where I discuss the situation in further depth, that is until Youtube takes it down…!


Disney issues copyright strikes to YouTubers commenting on the deleted scene from Captain Marvel

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