Crowdfunded Comics Review: Black Hops: Hare Trigger One Shot


Back again already with the next part of my crowdfunded comic book reviews!


And picking right up from where volume 1 left off, this next installment of Black Hops which was crowdfunded before being published by Antarctic press, includes not 1, not 2, but 3 stories in this one tome, two of which are in the other side in a flip book style, showing once again how clever Mark and Timothy can be.



Picking up some time after the events of  the previous story. U.S.A.*G.I. (our bunny protagonist) is brought back again to aid his country as a mad scientist, who has studied creatures like him who gained intellect and abilities from radiation related events, and as hired a team of deadly mercenaries to help get him off an island he’s been stuck on. Unable to do this alone, U.S.A.*G.I. is assigned to a team… the Black Hops! (Finally we get that title!)


He is joined by Rigor-Tortoise, a normal turtle that has been augmented by tech, as well as Patriot-R, an otter who, due to being feral when he was irradiated (unlike U.S.A.*G.I. who was a pet when it happened) he has gained a bit more of a loner belief and a nasty attitude…but he gets the job done!



Together they are all sent off to try and stop the mad scientist, Apex Moth, and the leader of the Mercs, Hare Trigger! Will they succeed? Well we’ll find out!


The main story focuses from U.S.A.*G.I.’s perspective, with Rigor-Tortoise along for the ride! The second story focuses on Penny, U.S.A.*G.I.’s handler (And grand daughter of the soldier who found and trained him) having to try and help by taking out one of Apex Moth’s creatures that got out. The final story (This time drawn by Matthew Weldon), gives us the events form Patriot-R’s perspective and, in just a few pages, gives us all we need to know about the new addition!



The first volume set up the world and our main hero, but it felt like a pilot episode to a series. This volume felt like it was the real beginning of things and it felt amazing! And best of all, this is all in the same shared universe as Wall-Might and Kamen America! Can’t wait for Volume 3’s crowdfunding whenever it starts!


Crowdfunded Comics Reviews: Black Hops: U.S.A.*G.I. - Vol 2 - Hare Trigger

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