Creator Spotlight: Robert Venditti (Video)

Well continuing from my video on Scott Snyder and Geoff Johns, it’s time I gush about one of my newest favorite writers in comics, Robert Venditti. (No it’s not because we share the same first name LOL) Ever since I opened issue #23 of Nu52 Green Lantern, I’ve been interested in Venditti’s work (And he worked on Demon Knights after Paul Cornell but it’s been ages since I’ve re-read that). Sure he started out rough both there and his Flash run but, as time has moved on, he’s become one of those writers I am guaranteed to buy just about anything with his name on it! What does Venditti do that helps him stand out? That’s the hard part to describe. But the best way I could put to words about him is this…he, to me anyway, feels very much like an old-school writer. What do I mean by that? Well watch and see for yourself.

Robert Willing

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