Comics Review: House of X / Power of X Delivers Magnificently


Moira X provides the story engine for the “House of X” and “Power of X” interwoven storylines which centers around her ability to live her life over and over again having the memories of all prior lives. In essence, her entire life is “Groundhog Day” or “Edge of Tomorrow.”


Over Moira’s many lives, she comes to understand that Nimrod the Lesser engineers the eradication of all mutant-kind. Moira then works to stop this genocide with the knowledge of how it previously came about. Convincing others to join her proves easy. Professor X has but to mind link with someone and share Moira’s memories and they understand what they are up against. 


In this way, Moira’s knowledge becomes shared amongst the mutants on their new island-nation of Krakoa and allows for the dissolving of old feuds and the formation of new alliances. For example, Wolverine becomes War for apocalypse, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants work with the X-Men. 

My full review of both titles below:


The war for information lies at the heart of House/Power of X

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