Bleeding Cool Attacks Comic Fans! #ComicsGate Has Begun

History often times repeats itself. The comic book alternative to “Gamers are Dead” has been published by Bleeding Cool. Joe Glass at the site has branded the comic book fanbase as trolls, and suggests that the problem with the situation is freedom of speech. Comic books is getting its own #Gamergate and it’s being brought about by virtue signaling SJW’s in the comic book press. Source:

Bleeding Cool attacks Comic Fans - #ComicsGate has begun


SixtyFours: Now we wait for Rich Johnston’s response.

Jack-Browser: Don’t hold your breath.

tekende: Tag him and you’ll get one.

MicahRaptor: Given that I’m the video creator, I have a question. Was there a point where the games industry wanted an attack on the fanbase? Gamergate began as Games Media vs Gamers. Now we’re about to have Comics Media vs Comic Fans. Feel free to parallel the article I had linked in the description of my video to Leigh Alexander’s work. There’s a lot of similarities in theme, though the tone is different. Leigh was outright hostile, but this Joe Schmoe guy is very passive-aggressive. On top of that, as /u/mcantrell says, we’ve already started getting this. Mashable, The Independent, The Daily Dot, CBR, etc. followed a narrative during the Milkshake bit. Were there some assholes? Sure, and they shouldn’t have been assholes, but there’s no evidence of a targeted harassment campaign.
Keep in mind that I covered the topic at Techraptor. I was at ground zero watching Gamergate happen. The only difference I can find is that there’s no Zoe Post parallel. Just a bunch of bloggers looking to pick on the fanbase for virtue points on their bullshit bingo cards. 

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