Back Issue Spotlight: X-Men: The End: Book One: Dreamers & Demons

We’re in the final stretch of my The End videos as we go over the final leg of Marvel’s original ‘The End’ books, and this one is three trades (6 issues each) long! 18 issues total! HOLY CRAP! What brand deserves that much time to close the doors on? Huh? The X-Men? Oh hell, if it’s the X-Men, I’m actually surprised they didn’t go a full 24 issues!




This 2004 maxi-series is really something else. It’s typical Chris Claremont in that there are multiple plots all intersecting, but unfortunately the characterizations are all over the place. Taking place years in the future, we’re told things implicit about characters and sometimes implied things, but I felt that a lot of questions I had still went unanswered.


In past stories under ‘The End’ banner, I could accept the writing technique of being dropped into the middle of things because there were only a few characters to deal with. It was easier for the creators involved to explain things like how we got to this point. But here, seeing as how there are so many X-Men related characters, I felt so much was lost while Claremont just plows ahead. For example, apparently Kitty and Rachel are a couple and SOMEHOW had kids together, but this unique situation is never explained. How did that happen?



As for the story itself, it felt like a mishmash to be honest. Simplified, the Kree, Skrulls, and Shi’ar are all taking an interest in Earth, Jean Grey has been reborn and discovered, Mr. Sinister and his cronies are attacking (they take out Apocalypse too), and by the end of the tale a bunch of WarSkrulls attack and blow up the X-Mansion (What again?) and as expected, several X-Men are killed


That’s the VERY VERY abridged cliff notes because it’s way more complicated and way more dragged out than that. I’ll do my best to summarize things in the video below, but please bear with me here.


One big positive for this series, Sean Chen’s artwork is very good and on point. So, I DO recommend these books if you’re an X-Men fan or just happen to like layered and complicated stories. You can check it out on Amazon here.


Story Spotlight: X-Men: The End: Book One: Dreamers & Demons

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