Back Issue Spotlight: X-Men: The End: Book 2: Heroes & Martyrs

Continuing with my backissue reviews through the epic sized X-Men: The End, tonight I wanted to continue to go through the story by covering the middle installment of this trilogy! 



After the (another) destruction of the X-Mansion, more WarSkrulls attack. Meanwhile readers get more set up involving Illiandra, the Shi’Ar, an alternate universe strain of the Brood, and more, but all of it is merely left aside as we wrap up the stuff with Mr.Sinister and FINALLY get an origin for the third summers brother – it’s GAMBIT!


Yeah! Nothing grand about the summers detail…but rather that Gambit, according to this story, was on of Sinster’s clones, combined with Summers DNA, who was taken away by one of Sinster’s aids and put up for adoption, leading to the Cajun speaking mutant we have today.



And Kitty’s campaign continues, in what I feel was the best subplot in the whole trilogy.


And…a lot of that is pretty much it. A lot more deaths, many even more pointless, and a lot more set up and a few plots resolved. This installment was pretty…meh.


Story Spotlight: X-Men: The End: Book Two: Heroes & Martyrs

Robert Willing

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