Todd McFarlane Releases New Spawn Action Figures


The newest and COOLEST line of Todd McFarlane’s SPAWN action figures celebrates the most iconic SPAWN comic covers ever released.   McFarlane Toys is releasing a line of action figures taken directly from the world record-breaking Spawn Comic covers.  Each iconic character has been sculpted with incredible detail and designed with McFarlane Toys signature “Ultra Articulation” with up to 22 moving parts for a full range of posing and play. Additionally, each iconic character action figure will feature character-specific accessories. 



The Redeemer 7-inch Action Figure includes a sword and base.  

The Redeemer is considered the Anti-Spawn, heaven’s equivalent of Hell’s Hellspawn.  A powerful religious warrior infused with heavenly matter and purpose to be a durable loyal warrior of God. A mysterious organization known as The Ethereal Masters chose worthy mortals to be the host of the Redeemer and transform into angelic warriors to battle Hell.  Unfortunately, the Redeemer typically retains no knowledge of their mortal lives even if they return to the mortal realm.  However, the current Redeemer Eddie Frank kept his memories. Fueled by his rage towards the Hellspawn’s, he has become the most powerful Redeemer to date.



Raven Spawn 7-inch Action Figure includes an axe, scythe with chains, and base.
The demonic lord Kray-Von Gore, and one of Malebogia’s Death Knights, was credited with the creation of the K7-Leetha as known as the Hellspawn Suit.  The symbiotic suit adapted itself to its host to create a Hellspawn.  He was defeated, and the suit was sealed away in the Necro-Stone.  Anyone who found the stone was endowed with a Hellspawn suit and became a Spawn.



The Clown Deluxe Set includes a knife, razor blade, backpack rocket launcher, two machine guns, and base.

The Clown, a short, obese, ugly clown with rotting teeth and a blue mark in the shape of an M on his face, is the alter ego of The Violator.  Dubbed his secret identity and human disguise, he uses this ruse to walk among the humans to avoid detection.  Though Violator has shapeshifting powers to turn into anything he would wish, his distaste for humans leads him shifts into this putrid form to mock them because he sees them as disgusting, pathetic, and weak.



The SPAWN franchise is bigger than ever before and has sold millions of comics and toys worldwide.

On the heels of SPAWN’S UNIVERSE #1, in stores now, a brand new title, King Spawn will be Todd McFarlane’s first NEW ongoing Spawn series since 1992. King Spawn, out in August, is expected to have even bigger sales than Spawn’s Universe #1.

KING SPAWN #1, the Newest MONTHLY Spin-off from the Top-Selling SPAWN’S UNIVERSE is available now for pre-order; in-stores August 18.



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