Star Wars Merchandise: How Low Can Hasbro Go?

Unlikely to be as wildly popular as a dozen Rose Ticos.


Thomas at Jedi Temple Archives provides some analysis into the Star Wars toy sales that Hasbro is no longer reporting as of 2006.  It’s a lengthy article and worth the read, but here’s the summary:


  • Hasbro Star Wars revenue for 2016 was about $333 million, in 2017 it was about $243 million and in 2018 it was about $161 million; +- $20 million or so.

  • Star Wars revenue in 2018 is the lowest at least since 2004, even unadjusted for inflation.

  • Interest in Star Wars toys is declining steadily, it has reached its lowest point yet in early 2019, interest noticably declined after release of The Last Jedi and has been declining since.

  • 2018 saw the first holiday period since 2004 with no significant boost in “Star Wars Toys” interest, this Google data aligns with official statements by Hasbro. Between 2005 and 2014 Star Wars Toys always saw a significant boost around Christmas, even without support of a movie. This is no longer true for 2018.

But how does that compare to other toy sales?  After all, kids aren’t playing with toys anymore according to the wisest people in the room.


Readers may recall, that toy sales have grown overall, except for Star Wars.  Also, action figure sales have increased by 10%, except for Star Wars.  This may be why Hasbro took a harder-than-expected hit from the closure of Toys R Us.  The fact that Star Wars toys were one of the top 10 returned gifts of 2018, probably didn’t help matters and may have contributed to the plummeting of Hasbro stock, while Mattel stock rose.



Thanks to Club Star Wars for the tip. Originally published here.

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