Save Yourself From Boredom With These Superhero Slots

Over the years, the stars of the Marvel and DC universe have been transformed into all sorts of media. There’s books, action figures, board games – there are even those weird bobble head figures. And there’s plenty of fun for adults too thanks to superhero slot games. While the Disney owned Marvel stars stay away from gambling – the grittier DC crew are more than happy to entertain on the reels. With this in mind, here are some of the best superhero-themed slots to check out



Justice League


What an awesome superhero team – on paper, the “DC Avengers” should print money. But the 2017 film was a fairly big flop – and was panned by the critics. Still – the slot of the same name fared much better. Each of the five heroes shows off their abilities on the reels with spectacular bonus features. There are even four jackpots to win – that can be won on any spin



Suicide Squad


We don’t want to dwell on DC Universe film failures – but the Suicide Squad was another widely criticised flop. Regardless of what you thought of Harley Quinn and co on the silver screen – the slot adaptation captures the chaotic nature of the group perfectly. As you play, you will come across familiar faces like Deadshot and the Joker. Activate the bonus features for big wins – or trigger the jackpot for a huge prize.



Classic Batman Series


The dark modern films are the complete opposite of the 1960s series starring the late Adam West. Camp, cheesy – and filled with one-liners, the slots are a true treat for die-hard fans. Especially considering that clips from the show are used. There are six games in the series, each starring classic villains like Joker and Ice Man. Prefer to spin with the sidekicks? Batgirl and Robin are also on standby to join the Caped Crusade and if you’re lucky, you can use a no deposit slots bonus to have a free spin too.



Superman Movie


Finally, we have the mightiest hero on Earth: Superman. The Man of Steel has his own range of slot games based on the 70s movies series starring Marlon Brando. This is one of the best examples of how a story can impact the bonus features. In the Superman 2 slots – there is a time travel bonus which follows a tragic plot point. And just like the other Playtech DC slots – there’s a chance to win four jackpots.

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