Geek Shoppers Guide: Amazing Geek Toys for Everyone!



Do you find it tough to pick up an unusual present for your beloved geek? We have spent some time studying the offers carefully and made a list of toys you can get for any occasion. 


Some people believe that geeks are different from ordinary people by their original thinking and sense of humor. These guys are obsessed with computers, new technologies, gadgets, video and board games, TV series, comics, and collecting strange things. In general, we don’t call for the 100% understanding of the geeks, but we give you some ideas on trying to please them with interesting gifts.



LED Fluorescent Message Board

A bright, funny thing, for example, for motivational notes, which will be illuminated with an alarm clock. Use a special marker to make some notes and reminders; for example, ask a writing agency, “Can you help me with my math homework?” You can order this board for $14 on Amazon or eBay.



Star Wars Umbrella 

There is an illumination in the umbrella’s rod and a flashlight in the umbrella’s handle. It’s not like a usual umbrella. It is a real Jedi sword. Such a weapon should always be carried with you to fight a battle with nasty weather. There are 8 different illumination colors and just one chance to be like a true Star Wars fan and you can grab it on Amazon here.



Speks Original Stress Relief Desk Toy

At first, you might think that these are just tiny magnetic balls, from which you can create various figures. But in fact, it’s true. These models of atoms can get out a couple of hours from a smart person’s life, and what to say about people whose work is connected with fine code structures. You can buy this set just for $24 on Amazon.



Gigantic Anti-Stress Enter Key

Have you got hard days, and even your favorite songs can’t cheer you up? A large foam Enter key can be connected to the laptop via USB port and take over regular Enter key functions. One big advantage is that you can tap it as hard as you can. It works like an anti-stress. Only $12 on Amazon.



Sushezi Sushi Bazooka

It can’t be called a geek toy, but it’s a really helpful device. If you are a great connoisseur of Asian cuisine and adore everything related to it, you can improve your culinary skills and cook delicious rolls at home. You will succeed in it if you have a sushi kit that includes different nozzles. When you use these devices, your rolls will be smooth, and nori will not break. Available on Amazon for $14. 



3D Painted Model

If you have a friend who can sing the imperial march’s melody, such a gift will make him happy. The 3Dmodel of the attack Star Wars aircraft that you need to paint and assemble yourself will definitely take its honorable place in his house. Take a look at it here.



Levitating Globe

A globe is a traditional decoration of the study or living room. This levitating globe is backlit and has an electromagnetic stand that keeps it right in the air. The mains power it, and a touch button turns on the LED backlight on the stand. The map captions are in English. Available here.



3D Pen

Such a pen works like a glue gun. It’s quite easy to work with it, but you might get stuck with some slight problems first. You will have to start with flat models on paper sheets, and then, you can take up three-dimensional figures and sculptures in the air. After a while, you will polish your skills and create more intricate objects. Keep in mind to buy a plastic set for this gadget because a pen is useless without it. Grab yours here.



Sphero Robots

Now the company has three models. The most popular toy is Sphero, a white color ball with a gyroscope, and an engine inside that allows it to ride in all directions. The ball can spin, bounce, and float on water. However, if you want to do some tricks, rather than just ride Sphero on the floor, you had better pay your attention to the model called Ollie. Ollie is a cylindrical robot with rubber pads designed to jump and make various acrobatic elements on the ramp. Take a look.



DC Comics Encyclopedia

If your geek is fond of comics, there is a thing he will like. Of course, the DC Encyclopedia is smaller than the Marvel Universe, but many fans dream of getting this book. Can’t imagine your life without Joker and Catwoman? Get a colorful encyclopedia of characters. There is a file for each superhero with a description of superpowers and his role. Grab a copy here.




Did you dream of having a thing that will help you to find a TV remote control? This device is a lot cooler and more relevant in the digital age. The keychain tracker is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and helps find any item to which it’s attached, or the smartphone itself when you press the tracker button. It runs on the battery and is compatible with smartphones on iOS and Android. Grab one for under $20 here.


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