Making a Move? Here are the Best Tips to Make it Smooth


Shifting the house, whether it’s a street away, a state away, or to a new country, doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Most people looking forward to moving to a new country like the US, have to be a little more careful about their packing since several rules are applicable in Customs. Those looking to travel to the US to marry their fiancés must get all their documentation and paperwork ready before they can book tickets and start the shifting process. 


The visa for those traveling to the US to marry their fiancé(e) must apply for a k1 visa. This visa type will allow you to travel to the US and get married within 90 days of arrival. Once married, a status adjustment to permanent residence is possible. However, this process needs to be done with the help of reputable family visa solicitors, so you get the expert help required for a smooth move. 

Once you’ve started the visa documentation and have consulted professional immigration lawyers about the insurance, passports, paperwork, and more, you should begin winding down your home. 


Let us help you with a few tips and tricks that will make the shift a little easy. Many people also prefer hiring professional packers and movers to ship their belongings to the US. While this is an excellent option for any bulky items like furniture, white goods, and more, it is best to take stock of everything you want to keep and discard before the packers arrive. 


Preparing for the Move:

You should start by making a checklist (either on paper or using any free app) and include a timeline of all the necessary things. You should also factor in the cost of the shifting (budget), including the fees of the packers and movers, freight forwarding, taxes, charges, and more. Since you are moving countries, there are hidden charges you may be unaware of and should keep a higher approximate as part of the budget. 

One critical factor that people forget is to send out notices about the move. You will need to inform the local authorities, police, electricity board, municipality, and more. You may also want to sell or end the lease on your house. Informing friends, loved ones, and family members is also extremely helpful since you could do with additional emotional strength, support, and assistance with packing. 


Packing Tips:

  • Declutter: There are several things you may be highly attached to but no longer use. You should be as ruthless as possible when deciding what to keep and what to throw, give away, or donate. Reducing your clutter will help make the shifting easier, reduce the number of boxes you need, and decrease the workload during unpacking.
  • Moving Boxes: Most professional movers include the packing material (including boxes, tape, and more) in the shifting estimate. However, having some sturdy boxes on hand to pack your valuables could come in handy in case of adverse weather conditions like snow, rains, or extreme heat. Corrugated boxes could catch moisture and get wet, spoiling the contents inside. To avoid this issue, it is best to opt for all-weather, sturdy moving boxes. 
  • Keep An Essentials Bag Ready: When you are shifting, it is easy to pack everything off and forget that you may need a few essentials on hand during the trip. Things like a toothbrush and toothpaste, a face napkin, extra masks, sanitizer, a packet of tissues, a spare change of clothing, and a fresh set of socks can ease your travel and become less stressful. You should also have the passport, visa, original documents (education and work-related) on you during the trip. 
  • Pack Smartly: Using plastic and bubble wrap for fragile items or paper towels to create less friction and adding extra padding to everything will reduce wear and tear and breakage. It is also wise to use cling wrap and plastic to pack kitchen items, toiletries, shampoos, conditioners, creams, and soaps. Separating the dry items from the wet items will also reduce wastage in the long term. 


Moving Day Tips:

  • Double Check Everything: ensure you have not forgotten anything like updating your mailing address, changing your mobile number, paying off old bills, disconnecting the water and electricity, and tripping the main switch of the house. You should also double-check your travel details, timings, paperwork, visa, and passport. 
  • Don’t Rush: It is counterproductive to keep rushing on your moving day. Instead, ensure everything is ready beforehand, so you only have to cross-check. Avoid keeping any tasks and errands till the last day and get a restful sleep.

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