Sunday Thoughts: Who Needs Principles? A Guide to Radicals

The modern day radical is something you need to marvel at, dear reader. You need to marvel at something of an oddity in our modern age. The information age seems to have brought out the worst in humanity. We have some real doozies on all sides of the aisle, too. Men and women who are willing to compromise their own principles for those internet points.

Internet points. What are they? Why are they so important to certain groups of people? What does Social Capital really bring you? Does it get you the deluxe apartment in the sky?


the Jeffersons intro theme song(Movin on Up)

I mean, if we’re referencing the Jeffersons, let’s liven up this article! Let’s talk about building up those good boy points on the internet. I mean, the modern companies are pandering like mad to a minority crowd. They’re making a killing, right?!!

Actually, about that killing. There’s none to be had. We’re humming to the tune of a comic shop closing per month. Store owners leaving the business because it’s too financially unstable. Hobby shop owners not wanting to take the abuse from someone who decided they wanted to use the latest Garnier Denim Color on their hair. Before we talk about Blue Orcas, remember the “sane” side also has some real moral bankruptcy it needs to be held accountable for.


‘Radicals’ Explained

Saul Alinsky once wrote the “Rules for Radicals” in his day. The book is being used lightly and not so lightly by the current US Democratic Party’s more fringe elements. You have to remember one thing about fringe elements… They’re the exception, not the rule. For every alt-right, there’s actually a good moral base of conservatives that hate their guts. For every ANTIFA/BAMN member, there’s a good moral base of liberals that hate their guts. Radicals use Alinsky’s writing out of context.


His original context was to confront the mega corporations. He would use the tactics to harass businesses that would not comply with his demands. You cause the store owner to not get any sleep or to feel scared… You can go a short way at the negotiation table. The modern radical doesn’t know the rest of the story. His scare tactics were meant to get the CEO to the table.


With a battered and bruised ego, the CEO would be “more receptive” to the demands of Alinsky and his group. Like clockwork, Saul would use his thirteen rules to go after various CEOs. The more he used the, however… The less effective it became. Every smart CEO would realize that Alinsky was a one trick pony. It’s why we don’t see the rules applied to modern business.


Businesses became smarter to the methods. When he was seen coming, they would be ready to deal with this rabble rouser. He was successful, but at a price. Businesses adapted to his tricks. Today’s businesses are falling for those tricks again, to a point…


Modern Day ‘Radicals’

Modern Day Radicals from both sides are cranking up their rhetoric. The current crowd is trying to tone police arguments. They want to control pronouns. They want to control language. Language is key in all societies. Society needs communication on a large and small scale.


If you’re observant, you notice a lot of silencing of voices on all sides. For every one conservative voice silenced, the liberals seem to lose two to three. Lately, conservatives have been using the “Chicago Way” as stated by the legendary Sean Connery in “The Untouchables.



 In terms of ComicsGate, for the banning of Black Cap… You saw the suspensions of Renfamous and SJW Spiderman. And their cohort, Krissy… She pulled off the one tactic laughed at by all trolls. “DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.”


That was a small scale example that the readers of this site can relate to. However, with this Chicago Style hit attempt, there comes consequences. Yellow Flash has to DFE posts on his Twitter page. That Umbrella Guy also has to do the same. Various members of the community on either side are playing a game of “Beat the Kiwi Farms.” And that brings me to another point about modern radicals… They’re faceless. Sometimes, they’re nameless.



Well, this is the part we need to talk about. Internet and anonymous culture is something that’s been around since the early days of Prodigy. Many of the online terms we have: Troll, hacker, cracker, etc. Those terms have been around since Web 1.0. Web 1.0 also brought in two of various cultures we still put up with to this day: Something Awful and 4Chan. While 4Chan is still prominent, there’s a trend you’re going to see with a lot of the anonymous radical. They’re incredibly left-leaning when they announce an allegiance.


The ones with allegiance are called “moralfags” in Chan culture. However, I’m not as versed in Chan culture as others. This will all be based on conjecture. The rise of Anonymous as a voice could be traced back to “Operation Clambake.” This mix of anonymous culture and morality created “Project Chanology.” In Chan History, Chanology is seen as a positive and negative time for Anonymous. It’s seen as positive, because Chan culture made a difference in popular culture. It’s seen as negative, because it’s pushed Chan culture into popular culture.


This incredible catch-22 has seemingly caused the ripple effect we see today. The ripple effect of GamerGate, ComicsGate, Anti-GamerGate, Anti-ComicsGate, Weeb Wars, KickVic. This shows that Anonymous went from random shitposts to “moral crusades.” From the Chanology crusade, you now see a very distinct split in radicals. The split: ANTIFA/BAMN/Antis and the Alt-Right/pol-tard/Extreme pro-Gater.


The Alternative Right

The two camps became something to marvel at online. Let’s quash any political leanings here and now. There are members of every political spectrum in the Gates. There are left and right in Weeb Wars. Everyone on the pro-side is fighting against one thing that the tribes can’t hammer into their skulls. The Gates are against extremism on both sides. Full stop.


The alt-right is a phenomenon takes more than one paragraph, but this writer can try. Contrary to popular belief, Richard Spencer is NOT the originator of the term. The should be given credit to Paul Gottfried, a paleoconservative professor. However, Dickie co-opts the term and completely bastardizes the concept. The alt-right, as we see it today, is in use for any alternative “conservative” concept that’s got white nationalist leanings. If you want a look at some of their views, go hit up The Donald on reddit or /pol/ on 4Chan.


While we’re here, we could talk about Vox Day. However, everyone else does it. He’s become the alt-right whipping boy, for better or worse. The Gates have a history with the man born Theodore Beale. In his own facet, he is a right side radical. As a right side radical, he’s been kept at arm’s length from any movement. Anyone associating with him or his Castalia House writers are also told to go to the out damned spot…


The alt-right is prone to use snappy memes. The meme usage also brings forth offensive concepts. Offensive concepts bring forth mass blocking and blockbots from the other side. Let’s talk about them…


The Alternative Left

The left has its history of wacky groups: ANTIFA and BAMN. Be aware they aren’t the primary groups. They aren’t even a majority group. However, like Teddy Beale… These groups make a lot of noise that feeds the image that the other tribe has of their opponents. The image of the left thanks to these groups, is less than stellar. In fact, it’s given rise to the term, Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Both groups have influence in the leanings of Saul Alinsky, Malcolm X, and various “anti-American” figures. They use the same tactics of the Rules for Radicals. In fact, you wonder if that’s all they know. Some of the alternative left have the leanings of anarchy, which is a very right concept. In fact, if you’re going to challenge left groups… Remind them that anarchy is considered right-wing thinking. The concept of less government is actually right-wing in world standards.


The radical left is the type that wants government to enforce social rules and mores for the masses. This is the type of thinking that will rile up the alt-right. A lot of their tactics are the whisper networks, the kangaroo court, “guilt before innocence”, and “listen and believe.” The tactics of emotion before logic. Logic is something that cannot be used on this group. You can argue logic with the alt-right.

With the members of the extreme left, you go with emotional based tactics. It’s why memes and symbols work on them. Memes and symbols cause such an emotional reaction that starts up the networks and the blockbots. Along with blockbots, you get a concept that only the left side radicals do.


Emotional Labor

The left uses a concept when they have no argument called “emotional labor.” If you want an idea of it…



Emotional labor is a lazy concept by lazy people. Anyone who shows they want money to argue has nothing of importance to say. I hope you don’t try to engage this sad person, reader. If you do, you’ll probably see a block and a mock. In fact, block and mock is the only true strategy anyone extreme left leaning has.


The block and mock is something that a fool will do if they have no relevant argument. And it’s not exclusive to the left, either. As I said, it’s the only true strategy the extreme left has. However, a lot of the right side also use the strategy as well. It’s not a good look. It makes you look extremely petty and borderline unethical.


I don’t know the exact origin of emotional labor, but one prominent user of this vapid strategy is a former member of Crash Override Network named Nora Reed Heineman-Fleck. She’s seen on Twitter as NoraReed. 



Always needing money, seems to be a theme with radicals… However, this is going on a bit longer than I thought. So, let’s go ahead and summarize.


Closing Thoughts

The modern day radical is something that’s not new. In fact, as I discussed with Jamison… The last time Alinsky’s tactics were used were against Ronald Reagan. Reagan saw the tactics against him as Governor of California. Here’s how he responded to the tactics.


How President Reagan dealt with the Berkeley protesters in 1969


 He swiftly cracked down on the protesters. He used muscle and tactics that were very strong arm. As he told the leader of the protest, “All of it began the first time some of you who know better, and are old enough to know better… Let young people think they had the right to choose the laws to obey, as long as they did it in the name of ‘social protest.'” This established Reagan in the 1970s as a force for the re-emerging Republican Party. They had major ground to gain back, and Lyndon B. Johnson’s bumbling of the Vietnam War had cost the Democratic Party.


Reagan went into 1980 with momentum on the national stage, thanks to Berkeley Riot response. The American Public was reaching their limit with the Democratic Party and their “peace and love” antics. Jimmy Carter had a hostage situation on his hands in Iran, and he was inclined to coddle the Iranian Student Revolution. Reagan’s stance was to deal with Iran on the political stage and aim a gun at the country. He also aimed the gun at the former flower children.



In two terms, Reagan had crushed any Alinsky tactics by bolstering businesses. This is why you hear the modern radical groan and complain about him. Trump is using some of Reagan’s methods today to handle those on the left trying to take out his administration through protest and subterfuge. You may also say that Reagan had criminals in his White House. Yet, Reagan was effective. The sitting Congress could not impeach Reagan because he achieved results. The current rebellious members Congress are trying all they can to pin an impeachment.


However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows her history. She remembers the first attempts by the radicals to take over. It’s why she squashes any dumb ideas from AOC and Omar. History is not on their side. It never will be. Modern radicals have not properly read history. If they had, they would see that they may not make it past 2020. Reagan won his second term with a massive smear campaign against him and incompetent opponents across from him.


Watch how this shakes out. History tends to repeat.

Jaime Moreno

Army veteran, writer, novelist in training, editor, Parkinson's sufferer, and weightlifter. Jaime Moreno is a former writer for Gawker and current freelance writer around the web. Also does accounting and trading IRL. Can be found elsewhere online at, rainbowpressandcomics and his Youtube channel.