Sunday Thoughts: An Introduction

This is an idea that’s been around since probably the beginning of journalism. It’s an old idea, but it’s not a bad idea. A regular feature here at Bleeding Fool will be a week in review, but it will put the idea a bit on its ear. Sunday Thoughts is a column idea that’s been thrown around for a good while, but of course, I needed to be healthy to do it.


So, ‘The Sunday Thoughts’ are going to be something that takes a reflective look at the geek-culture related entities of GamerGate, ComicsGate,the Weeb Wars, and more. Something that will take a step back and sometimes punch forward on the issues that everyone’s been paying attention to that week. It’s not always going to be the view of the majority. And sometimes, I’m not going to like taking the stance that needs to be taken. Yet, the voice that should be heard will be the focus of that week’s Sunday Thoughts.


Some of the sacred cows of the ‘Gates and the Anti-Gates will get the same treatment. You should think of the Sunday Thoughts as an ombudsman to the movements, taking a look at both sides of the coin and give a fair assessment of what we’ve seen.


There is no shortage of people from both sides that will get the magnifying glass on them. I only ask you to do one thing when you read this article… keep an open mind. As long as you do this, the article will have done its purpose. You should feel free to argue the points in the comments section below. It may be points I made, but it’s meant for you to think about the events and judge for yourself. I think it’s what we’ve been missing, honestly.


To you, my dear reader… welcome to the show. It’s time to rock the boat in the right way. Dear Reader, I welcome you to Sunday Thoughts.


Jaime Moreno

Army veteran, writer, novelist in training, editor, Parkinson's sufferer, and weightlifter. Jaime Moreno is a former writer for Gawker and current freelance writer around the web. Also does accounting and trading IRL. Can be found elsewhere online at, rainbowpressandcomics and his Youtube channel.