Mike’s Saturday Morning Soapbox Revisited: June 29th, 2019

Most mornings I sit here with plenty to do, but there are always boxes of comics with the lids tightly closed that are silently whispering to me to open them. 

Like many folks out there I always looked forward to ‘Stan Lees’ Soapbox‘ insert in almost every floppy that Marvel ever printed. It is Stan’s’ little mark on every book that crossed over his desk.

So, in the months since Stan has left us, I have reflected on things from a longer perspective. 

I’ve decided  that I miss ‘Stan Lees’ Soapbox‘. I think many of you out there do too.

So, I’m going to open my boxes.

I’ll put up two pictures from my crappy camera every week on Saturday mornings.

We’ll be able to read and remember some of ‘Stan Lees’ Bullpen and Soapbox’ commentaries and inserts. Stan wrote his thoughts out for readers for over half a century, and so there are many topics and time periods of interest that Stan chose to speak about and not necessarily just on the subject of comics.

I’ll include the issues that I found them in of course, in case anyone might want to hunt down floppies.

Perhaps we can glean some comic book wisdom that we have yet to discover in some of his messages ?

If anyone out there wants to take some screenies of ‘Stan Lees’ Bullpen and Soapbox’ from very remote or perhaps hard to find floppies, please send them to @60Recce .

I will add them to the folder for a Saturday morning feature. I’ll give you a mention here for sharing. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy these little pieces of comic book history from a truly legendary and remarkable man. Thank you Stan.

I’ll start off with one that I found that has Stan talking about history in comics in a way, through an anecdote he uses to highlight the progression of the Hulk as a character and as a title among other very strong titles.

A very rocky start from the 60’s on wards inevitably turned the Hulk into a readers favourite as well as perfect and relied upon candidate for use in crossovers which helped stitch the Marvel universe together more firmly.

The floppy I screenied this from is ‘MARVEL AGE’ #118 November, 1992. I’ll put a snap of  a nice poster advert for Spider-Man 30th Anniversary poster by John Byrne that was included in the issue on page #1.

This ‘Stan Lees’ Soapbox below is more familiar to most of us.

This one is from The Mighty Thor’ #448 guest-starring The Amazing Spider-Man’ from June, 1992.

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