Why Are Lucky Charms Are So Popular? What New Players Should Know


There is a great deal of superstition surrounding gambling. Many seasoned gamblers invest a lot in lucky charms or practice pre-game rituals and this might be astounding to those who are new to this field. These seasoned gamblers feel that they have nothing to lose when they stick to these certain practices or carry certain lucky charms with them. While some of these practices and charms are easy and nothing out of the ordinary, there is the other end of the spectrum where others would think it is just downright peculiar. The following are some examples of the lucky charms and practices carried and done by gamblers to increase their chances of winning. And for those looking for a site to gamble on, here are the most recent websites to launch.



Pre-Gambling Practices

Some gamblers swear by doing these practices before any form of gambling, on or offline, and claim that these have increased their chances of luck and winning. While some of them are often seen in movies such as kissing the dice before rolling, there are others that are extremely odd and unusual.


Firstly, the wearing of red underwear. It originates from a Chinese superstition because red is usually believed to be a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture. Thus, gamblers often have at least one piece of clothing on them that is red, such as a shirt, or something more discrete like a pair of red underwear.


Next, those going to a real-life casino believe that entering through the entrance of the casino brings bad luck. This was believed to have been due to the MGM Grand Casino and is considered to be one of the newer superstitions around. Similar to the red underwear, this also had stemmed from Chinese superstition. To enter the MGM Grand Casino via the main entrance, one must step foot into the lion’s mouth as the casino’s entrance is in the shape of a lion’s head. Based on Chinese feng shui, stepping into a lion’s mouth is seen as bad luck. Since then, MGM Grand Casino has changed their entrance but this superstition has continued on as gamblers now enter using the side doors to avoid bad luck.


Another superstition is to gamble while on your period. Especially for the female gamblers, it is believed that gambling while on your period gives you good luck. This might be from the aforementioned Chinese superstition about the color red but whatever it may be, it might be worth a shot to try your hand at gambling at that time of the month!



Gamblers also believe that you should never wash your hands while on a winning streak. Other than gambling, this is also seen in the sporting scene where professional athletes do not wash their socks or even their undergarments while they are constantly winning. Nobody really knows where this superstitious practice started from but gamblers are not advised to wash their hands while winning. On the flip side, it is highly encouraged for you to wash them when on a losing spell, to get rid of the bad luck that is causing you to lose.


Lastly, both gamblers and athletes also believe that you should not have sex before your big game. For athletes, it is said to prevent loss of testosterone and energy, and for gamblers, to keep as much luck as you have to yourself by not spending it by getting lucky in bed.

Lucky Charms

Other than superstitious practices, gamblers also like to have lucky charms by their side to increase their odds of winning. Similar to the practices, these charms can range from something small and simple to really strange ones.


One of the most commonly carried lucky charms is a rabbit’s foot, and are even brought around by non-gamblers. People believe rabbits to be irrepressible so their foot is considered good luck to be carried around. Others also believe that this stemmed back from when people believed that they are descendants of animals, such as rabbits, and thus carrying the foot of a rabbit can give them good luck while getting rid of bad luck.


A four-leaf clover is also an extremely common lucky charm which originated from Ireland. A clover with four leaves only happens about once in every 10,000 clover leaves and are thus extremely rare. Therefore, it is unlikely for you to ever find one and are lucky if you actually do.



Next, a cat’s eye amulet is a golden-colored Chinese lucky charm that is believed to bring prosperity. It is shaped like a cat’s eye and due to its characteristics, this amulet is said to get rid of bad luck and is hence considered good luck.


Any coin picked off the street or the floor is believed to be lucky since you stumbled upon it randomly. Some even believe that dunking it in tomato sauce and scrubbing it shiny will increase your good luck if you always keep it with you after that. However, if you come across a coin that is downward facing, it is better to turn it right side up instead of picking it up in order to pass the luck on to the next person who stumbles upon it.


Finally, anything with the number eight in it is considered lucky. Just look at the popularity of the Magic-8 ball! The number eight is believed to bring good luck in Chinese culture as it looks like a vertical infinity sign and is a symbol of eternity. Hence, this suggests that your luck will be in a continuous loop, giving this number its lucky connotation. In most cases, gamblers carry a keychain of an eight-ball or any item with this lucky number written on it.



We mentioned some of the little things about gambling that you can use to increase your chances of winning. Whether you believe in these superstitious practices or not is entirely up to you. You can effortlessly do the same practices or carry the same lucky charms when you gamble and there is no harm in doing so, so why not give it a try the next time you gamble?


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