Who Can Step Up to Brock Lesnar Following Survivor Series?


We saw Brock Lesnar quitting SmackDown and joining Raw to seek vengeance on Rey Mysterio. After being attacked by Rey Mysterio post his match against Cain Velasquez at the Crown Jewel PPV, Brock was just boiling with anger. He tried to get a match against Mysterio which was declined by the WWE CEO Vince McMahon on the grounds that it was not possible for Rey to come on SmackDown as he is a Raw superstar and belongs to the RAW roster. This is when Brock Lesnar decided to quit Smackdown! And the only reason was to take his revenge from Rey Mysterio. 


At the Survivor Series PPV, Brock finally had his revenge in the form of a No Holds Barred match. And those who witnessed their match at the Survivor Series would testify that after the match with the ‘Beast Incarnate’, Mysterio could hardly walk. But now that his revenge is complete, the question is, who at WWE Raw has it to stand up to Brock Lesnar?


WWE’s next and last PPV for the year is going to be TLC 2019.  At Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV, Lesnar needs an opponent. And someone worthy too. Although just for the sake of providing a scapegoat to be devoured by the ‘Beast Incarnate’, WWE can put anyone from the Raw roster to the task. It can even be Kevin Owens or Andrade in the most unlikely of scenarios. But Brock wouldn’t find a better challenge than the NXT Superstar, Keith Lee currently. 


According to WWE News, Keith Lee is rumored to be Brock Lesnar’s next opponent at TLC 2019. And here’s why it just might come to be true.


When the NXT raided SmackDown while the main roster was stuck in Saudi Arabia after the Crown jewel PPV, Lee was perhaps one of the most crucial elements in NXT’s invasion. He had a brilliant weekend at both Survivor Series and WarGames too. We were left dumbstruck when he put Bobby Fish through a table with a Super Spirit Bomb at the WarGames. 


At the Survivor Series, he almost won it for Team NXT. He and Roman were the final two in the elimination match. But unfortunately for him, he was pinned by Roman Reigns in what was one of the most exciting endings of the PPV. This was only after Lee had eliminated former world champion, Seth Rollins. 


Keith’s transfer to the main roster at Raw or SmackDown is also being rumored. And Keith has proven time and again that he deserves to be a part of the main roster more than anyone.


In Keith Lee, WWE has perhaps found its newest superstar. But WWE is known to poorly tap talent in the beginning stages of their careers. This has led to the slow development of superstars such as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. We hope WWE realizes the talent which is Keith Lee. And by giving him an opportunity to battle against the Beast Incarnate give him the deserved major push at this stage of his career.

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