Four Seriously Inspiring Movies to Help You Get Fit

If you too feel lazy to keep fit, then you surely need to find some motivation. Most people find it hard to maintain their motivation to keep fit throughout the whole year. This lack of motivation to hit the gym may, in part, stem from bad weather which doesn’t permit you to get outside. A feeling of burning out can also see you stuck at home and prevent you from staying active.


In that situation, watching seriously inspiring movies can help you recover your motivation sooner than later. The sight of super fit individuals accomplishing their fitness goals can reignite your feelings to get back to your normal routine. Here are the top 4 visually inspiring movies that can help you get better physically.


#1 Rocky

Of course, this classic film is definitely among the list of the most inspiring movies to help you get back to your old routine in no time. Rocky tops the list because it is rooted in the fact that success is a product of hard-work plus determination and passion. The iconic song of the movie and its training montage set the right tone for you to embrace your workouts and fitness goals and get over any laziness.


Rocky (1976) - Trailer (HD)


#2 Lethal Weapon

Featuring Mel Gibson in good physical shape as Martin Riggs, this popular movie can influence you to keep moving forward. It offers enough motivation for people who may be tempted to take their workouts for granted. In the final battle scene, Martin Riggs had to face off against Kung Fu champion Gary Busey in combat. Want to improve your fighting skills? Let Lethal Weapon be your inspiration to hit the gym once again. If you’re an athlete who wants to improve your performance with steroids, visit Mr Pharmaceutical for more info.



#3 Fittest on Earth

Perhaps you have ever heard of the CrossFit Games; these are more or less the Olympics of keeping fit. During summer, the best CrossFitters from across the world compete to win the title of “Fittest on Earth”. This documentary essentially follows the lives of several athletes who took part in the 2016 CrossFit Games.


Watching this documentary will help you learn more about the training, struggles and victories of the fittest athletes on the planet. The film will motivate you to strive to achieve your fitness goals come what may. You don’t necessarily have to be the best to crush the game — true champs never give up until they get their desired fitness results.


Fittest On Earth: A Decade of Fitness–Official Trailer


#4 Spirit of the Marathon

It’s a documentary about running that captures the determination it takes to complete the elusive 26-mile distance. When you watch and cross the finish line, it will change your life forever.


Spirit of the Marathon - Official Trailer


Follow the journey of a group of 5 runners comprising 3 amateurs and 2 elites as they train and try to complete the Chicago Marathon. Spirit of the Marathon does not fail to highlight the drama that unfolds as the runners prepare themselves physically, and mentally for the mighty race.


These movies and many others present fitness in such a way that it makes you want to put on your workout gear and start sweating. So, if you could use a little extra motivation to move, be sure to add these titles to your watchlist!

Susana Romero

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