New York Cosmos & the Chicago Sting: The Unusual Story of the ’81 NASL


Football in the United States has grown a lot in popularity. Of course, we are talking about the sport that Americans call soccer, which should not be confused with American football played in the NFL. Non-pro sports fanatics can live out these games through online betting available now on 1xBet, where gamers are wagering BOTH types of “football”.


Prior to the creation of the MLS, the main football competition in the United States and Canada was the NASL. This was an acronym that meant North American Soccer League. Probably the most remembered team of the competition were the legendary New York Cosmos. This squad had players like:


  • Pelé;
  • Franz Beckenbauer;
  • and Giorgio Chinaglia.


However, there were other teams that were also quite competitive.


Flashback Friday: Pelé's Great Cosmos Goals



The Soccer Bowl ‘81

Much like the extremely famous Super Bowl, the final of the NASL also had a similar name. This event was known as the Soccer Bowl, and its 1981 edition was quite interesting. The match took place on the 26th of September of that year, and the contenders were the New York Cosmos and Chicago Sting. 


Obviously, a team needed to win the contest. This meant that a draw was out of the question. If the 90 minutes ended 0-0, there would be two extra periods of seven and a half minutes each. These 15 minutes of play were disputed with a golden goal, meaning that if any squad scored a goal, the match would end immediately. While waiting for the extra time of some great matches, you can visit the 1xBet casino and explore its broad selection of games.


If no golden goal was scored, there was no penalty shoot-out. Instead, there were the so-called “shoot-outs”. Here, a single player faced the opposing goalkeeper. He started 35 yards from the goal, and he had 5 seconds to try to score a goal.


The Sting Stung

The event ended 0-0 in the 90 minutes and in the extra time too. This meant that it was necessary to decide everything from the shoot-outs.  The Cosmos were quite inaccurate. Only Vladislav Bogićević scored his shoot-out, while four of his teammates missed it.


The Sting weren’t much better either. However, out of their five chances, two of them scored. This was enough to make them win the competition. The scorers were Karl-Heinz Granitza and Rudy Glenn.  The best site for live sports betting is 1xBet, and it also features penalty shoot-outs whenever they are played.


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