How Athletes & Gamers Are Using Cannibus to Improve Their Game

Believe it or not, there is a positive link between healthy living and cannabis as well as between sports performance. Since this psychoactive drug, more commonly known as marijuana, is often used for medical and recreational purposes, more and more sports persons nowadays are smoking weed before exercise or after they play. 



Your body on Mary Jane

This is how Marijuana works on your body: after ingesting its dried flowers – whether via vaping, smoking, or eating them – its chemical compounds known as cannabinoids then combine with your brain and body’s receptors thereby regulating emotions, pain, appetite, and even memory.


The human body naturally produces cannabinoids, which are also naturally occurring compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant. Research has shown that people who smoke Marijuana before or after their scheduled workout or game reported an increase in enjoyment of performing in such physical activities and in motivation to go further. It also has shortened the time needed for muscles to recover. These three aspects are what any sportsperson would need if he or she wants to go for the gold.



Competing with Marijuana

In a competitive world like sports, it is not anymore unusual for people to go beyond the basics in terms of improving one’s performance. While others opt to wear compression gear to speed up the process of rebuilding muscle groups after working out, plunge into ice baths to reduce inflammation and hasten recovery, or wear 3D holograms on their wrist to unlock spiritual energy within them, some sports persons choose to be high with cannabis at regulated doses in order to maximize the yield of their workout routines. There are even sports persons who use Marijuana to pacify anxiety and promote better sleep before a competition. 


While the number of people who use Marijuana in the sports world increases, there are still rules and regulations to follow. So for them to pass certain tests before the date of the game, they undergo a process of detoxification. If not, they use trusted products in the market and rely more on Detoxify Instant Clean to fake their results. Even if marijuana is technically not an illegal drug, there is still no legal basis for its public use, especially in matters relating to sports preparations; which is why the sports persons really need to detoxify their body every single time.



Cannabis helps, not hinders

Cannabis is used by a lot of people for a reason, for a good reason. And if you are among the sports persons who do so, just use it at regulated doses and of course with the guidance of your doctor and coach. And by the time you need to pass certain tests to be qualified for a game, be smarter than the test.

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