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12bet is a reputable bookmaker, with many years of experience and renowned betting in Vietnam. After many years of operation, 12bet is increasingly confirming and strengthening its position in the online betting market. This bookmaker is highly regarded for its financial strength, scale, and professional operation process. 


12bet not only has a web version for mobile phones, but also a mobile app. The 12bet app is suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download 12bet app to your device so you can use it at any time without having to worry about being blocked by your IP address. Most of the features available on the 12bet website are available in this app.

In just a few simple steps you can download the app to your device, access it, track your daily attendance, and participate in attractive games.


12bet Mobile App

The 12bet app brings something unique to your normal mobile betting experience. These features not only differentiate the app from the website but also enhance the gaming experience. Some of them include:

  • Withdrawal feature. This is a feature where you can close a bet by withdrawing your money, even while the match is still in progress. The cashout feature here can be used for in-play bets, pre-match bets as well as singles and express bets;
  • Live to bet. The 12bet mobile app allows you to bet on live matches, meaning you can join the action at any time during the match;
  • Pop-up notification. You can turn these notifications on and off in your phone settings;
  • Multilingual platform. The mobile app allows you to change the default language;
  • Real-time score updates;
  • 12bet offers various promotions for mobile players. In addition to these mobile-only bonuses, you will still have access to the site’s leading promotions and bonuses. 

The mobile app is available for Android and iPhone.


Download the 12Bet App for iPhone 

12bet users can easily join betting and gambling through the mobile app. Users will have full access to casinos, games, betting, and live streaming. Downloading and installing the iOS app is easier and quicker than on Android because the 12bet mobile app is available in the AppStore. To download the app on iOS, you need to:

  1. You need to open the AppStore on your mobile device;
  2. In the app search, search for 12bet;
  3. Start downloading and installing the app by clicking on the “Download” button;
  4. Once you have completed the installation, launch the app and start registering. 


Download the 12Bet App on Android 

12bet has a mobile app for the convenience of its users. The 12bet app is simple and easy to use and accommodates all types of betting, just like the official website. 


The 12bet app doesn’t require a lot of RAM, which means you won’t encounter the problem of freezing while using it. 

You won’t find the app on your phone in Play Market either, so you have to go to 12bet’s official bookmaker website.  

To download the app on Android you need to: 

  1. Open the 12bet website in your browser;
  2. Find the “Mobile apps” tab and click on the download button;
  3. Go to the phone settings and allow the installation of applications from unknown sources;
  4. Then open the apk file and allow the application to be installed.

Once installed, you can use the app in its full functionality. 



Registering with a bookmaker’s office is a necessary step toward playing betting. This is to ensure that the player’s identity matches the passport details he has provided and that he is of legal age. It is also needed in order to enjoy all the facilities such as making deposits, betting, casino, gambling, and withdrawals. Therefore, in order to register you need to:

  1. Go to the 12bet website;
  2. Click on the “Join now” button;
  3. Users must then enter their contact details such as name, age, address, etc;
  4. Choose a username and password;
  5. Choose the appropriate currency for you;
  6. Users must go through email verification by sending an identity verification link to their email address.

Players must be over 18 years of age when they create an account and then agree to the terms and conditions. Players should read these terms and conditions carefully when creating an account.



12bet is renowned for its professional, transparent and straightforward process. 

12bet is currently providing as much support to players as possible in order to create a safe and comfortable betting environment and provide players with the most suitable choice. 


By participating in betting here, you can easily make deposits and withdrawals with just a few simple steps. 


12bet currently supports players making deposits and withdrawals in many ways. 

It is one of the bookmakers that nowadays supports most of the deposit and withdrawal methods. 

Some of the popular deposit methods include: 

  • The traditional deposit method via bank account; 
  • Replenishment via e-wallets; 
  • Replenishment via phone scratch card. 


Fund Deposit 

12bet is one of the bookmakers that have fast deposits and withdrawals. To do that you need to:  

  1. Go to the deposit tab; 
  2. Select an appropriate deposit method; 
  3. Deposit an amount; 
  4. Press the “Deposit” button. 


Withdrawing Funds 

You can only withdraw your winnings in the same way you made deposits. To withdraw money to 12bet you need: 

  1. Go to the “Balance” tab; 
  2. Choose withdrawal method; 
  3. Select the withdrawal amount; 
  4. Click on the “Withdraw” button. 


Promotions and Bonuses at 12bet 

In an effort to give players relaxing moments and impressive experiences, 12bet is constantly improving the quality of its services. 


This bookmaker is currently offering many attractive offers to players. The offers are constantly updated, and many offers run throughout the year. 


All promotions have clear rules, and simple terms and conditions. Just go to the promotion section, and you can easily choose the most suitable promotion. 

Some outstanding offers on 12bet can be mentioned as: 

  • 100% bonus on first deposit at 12bet; 
  • Bonus for installing upgrades; 
  • Weekly free spins in the slot machine lobby; 
  • Unlimited cashback program with up to 1.5% cashback. 



The number of games at 12bet reaches thousands. All familiar, well-known, and favorite games. 

Among the outstanding games on 12bet is sports betting. Along with this, there are many sports to bet on, such as: 

  • Football; 
  • Basketball; 
  • Badminton; 
  • Big tennis; 
  • Golf; 
  • Racing; 
  • Volleyball, etc. 

All the more reason to get involved in virtual sports betting by going to 12bet. 

Unlike traditional sports, virtual sports matches on 12bet are played all the time. The matches only last a few minutes. So you will quickly know your winning and losing results. Today it is the most popular kind of betting. 

12bet also offers many familiar and well-known games such as: 

  • Poker; 
  • Baccarat; 
  • Black Jack; 
  • Roulette; 
  • Sicbo; 
  • Dragon Tiger, etc. 

All games have a modern configuration, bright design, and vibrant sound. 


Some Other Games 

Apart from the games mentioned above, 12bet also has many other attractive games of different genres. 

All promise to provide players with the most suitable choice with the most impressive experience. 

Famous games include: 

  • Shoot the Fish for the Money; 
  • Bingo; 
  • Lottery; 
  • Keno; 
  • Numerical games;  
  • Racing, etc. 


Benefits of Bookmaker 12bet 

12bet currently provides an extremely diverse range of betting and gaming services. Alongside this, there are many exciting entertainment events and game shows. And there are many other perks of being a 12bet bookmaker: 

  • You can be assured of the quality and transparency of all games; 
  • 12bet also always pays attention to updating new gaming trends; 
  • 12bet also supports many other languages; 
  • Quality and service; 
  • Simple and user-friendly website design; 
  • Headlines and content are logically organized, and easy to use and players can easily find the information they need; 
  • Images are designed, and minimized with animations to avoid eye strain and discomfort for users; 
  • The speed of 12bet’s website is very stable, with no delays even during peak hours; 
  • 12bet has a web interface for both computers and phones, whichever device you use, you can access and use it quickly. 



12bet is a fully legal bookmaker licensed by the European Organisation of the Isle of Man. It is an extremely popular betting regulator in the old continent. 

In particular, 12bet is also licensed by First Cagayan, an entertainment and resort corporation. 

12bet is one of the few betting shops to be licensed by both Asian and European authorities at the same time. 

12bet is based in the Philippines and operates in most Asian countries, including Vietnam. 


12bet Customer Service 

12bet currently has a large, professional, and well-trained team of advisors. The advisors will be available 24/7, including holidays, to answer all players’ questions as quickly as possible. 

12bet currently supports multi-channel, you can easily contact this betting company through many different information channels. 

During the betting process, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the advisors for immediate support. All your questions will be supported and answered efficiently. 

In particular, this bookmaker also has its VIP member information support channel. You will not have to wait to get your questions answered like regular members. 



Can I Not Be Afraid of the Personal Data I Have Entered? 

The players’ information will be encrypted and kept confidential. It is almost impossible to hack or steal your personal information. Moreover, 12bet also regularly updates its security system. 

Can I Use Both the Mobile App and the PC Version at the Same Time? 

Yes, you can use both versions from the same account. 

How Many Accounts Can a Player Have On 12Bet? 

For the present safety and transparency of the betting environment 12bet, the house stipulates that each player can create only one account. 

If it appears that a player has created more than 1 account, 12bet reserves the right to close the account without any prior notice. 

Forgot the Login/Password, What to Do? 

If you forget your username/password while betting, you can contact our customer support team for help. The consultant will help you to recover your password. 

Or, more simply, you can also press “forgot password” to get a new password. This password will be sent to the e-mail address you specified when you created your account at 12bet.

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