William Shatner Deftly Rejects Attacks by Brianna Wu & Maggs Visaggio

William Shatner, most famous for his seminal role as Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise is as brutal a fighter at 89 years old as he was when he battled Klingons on the classic Star Trek series. As early as July 2016, Shatner was talking about SJWs (social justice warriors) and painting them as people who simply want to “attack and hide.”



Shatner still doesn’t appear to be slowing down — either in terms of working or standing against the left-wing Hollywood tide. It all started with Mr. Shatner tweeting about Jazz musician Billy Tipton who’s story had been featured on his TV series The UneXplained which he was discussing on a podcast:





To which GamerGate villainess Brianna Wu, a transgender woman, felt compelled to respond. 



Shatner wasn’t up for being “woke scolded” and simply wasn’t having it.



But that wasn’t the only geek media related transgender person that got in on it. Comic creator Maggs Vissagio, possibly still sporting over the cancellation of Vagrant Queen (one of 2019’s lowest rated SyFy shows), decided to jump in on the Twitter fight too.



Other Twitter followers grabbed their popcorn to enjoy the show, with one user sharing the infamous baseball dentistry tweet that will probably haunt Maggs (aka “the troll”) for a very long time.


William Shatner DGAF. 

Jamison Ashley

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