Is a Crazy Person Running the Star Wars Social Media Account?

Meet Michelle Buchman, who runs social media for Star Wars.


Michelle has a bold message for Kathleen Kennedy.



Michelle may cheerlead for females, but she isn’t a big fan of white men.



But if there are inequities in hiring between white men and non-white men, then why are the disproportionate disparities of the disaffected disenfranchised most glaring in oh-so progressive Hollywood?  Because this problem is more severe in progressive areas. Here’s some settled science:


Democrats tend to pay their female and minority staffers less than Republicans do.  Economically speaking, liberal cities are bad for minorities.  That isn’t surprising, given that liberal cities lead the nation in income inequality.  Blue states also lead the nation in income inequality.  In fact, income inequality was more acute in states that voted for President Obama.


Unfortunately, one can only bring a horse to water.  One cannot make that horse drink.


And like any good fascist, she’s only willing to help out those who are politically compliant.


But Michelle is all in on the battle of the sexes.


As to be expected, Michelle exhibits the characteristic skin-deep obsession with melanin content which all SJWs have.



And of course, like all uneducated SJW savages, Michelle thinks Christians are “angry” and “crazy.”


I guess that’s what makes her so sad to see people that are so Christian.


So feel free to head on over and let her know how you feel about her opinions, particularly if you’re Christian.  But be forewarned, she won’t be able to handle what she dishes out to the internet.

But when you give her a piece of your mind, try to remember, that she’s a victim.

How fortunate that this delicate flower is operating the public social media of the Star Wars franchise.




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