Another Star Wars Actor Driven Off Social Media; Media Strangely Silent…


Mark Anthony Austin played Boba Fett in the Special Edition of Star Wars: A New Hope. He was also an animation supervisor for ILM.




On July 30th, he posted the following on Twitter:



He’s critical of the character as many have been, but says nothing whatsoever about the actor, Ahmed Best. But that doesn’t matter in 2020 when political madness reigns supreme.


During the Prequel days, the media excoriated Ahmed Best and his character according to Ahmed Best’s own words. But the SJW narrative says it was the fans who attacked Ahmed, even though the evidence and his own words clearly demonstrate the contrary. The media attacked the Jar Jar character for being a racist stereotype, and creator George Lucas for being a racist. Attacking the character was okay back then. But this is now.


Now, the distinction between actor and character has been totally lost among the uneducated SJW ignorati. It’s now no longer acceptable to criticize or mock characters that the Collective deems is played by a marginalized actor. Because shortly after making his tweet about Jar Jar, SJWs would come out of the woodwork and chase Austin down like the unthinking pod people they are.









Mark Anthony attempted to reason with the barking SJW mob.




But it was no use. The attacks continued unabated.










It was at this time that Mark Anthony decided he was done with Twitter.





And this was one SJW reaction:



Miles of retweets with attacks continue to grow.


So when can we expect the legacy media to report on this? After all, they delighted in making things up about Daisy Ridley leaving social media. Why not tackle this topic too?


When can we expect ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel to come to his colleague’s defense against the SJW horde? Hal certainly likes to recite the false narrative about Kelly Marie Tran’s Instagram account, so why not this? How about Marvel colorist Chris Sotomayor who just attempted to manufacture hypocrisy over cancel culture? When can we expect his admonishment of the Collective’s behavior here? Where is Pete Fletzer from Around The Galaxy podcast who likes to babble nonsense about George Lucas selling Star Wars because of the fans? Certainly there’s more than enough for him to wag his ignorant finger at here.


We’re still waiting for any of them to admonish Reylos for bullying the Star Wars social media manager Michele Buchman off of Twitter.


And what of the SJW mob?


If one is no longer allowed to attack the character Jar Jar Binks, then when can we expect the mob to descend on JJ Abrams, who joked:


“I have a thought about putting Jar Jar Binks’s bones in the desert there,” said Abrams, adding: “I’m serious! Only three people will notice, but they’ll love it.”


And when can we expect them to come for Kathleen Kennedy who made a joke about Jar Jar Binks not being in the Force Awakens to a roaring crowd, which you watch see here at the 46-second mark:



Thanks to Dennis for the tip.


Ryan Kinel comments:



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