Rant from the Multiverse: Outrage Culture Infects Comics Community

I go on a bit of a rant about the upcoming $8 books…more specifically I go off on the outrage caused by it.


People are just not thinking straight these days. They are outraged left and right about this or that. There are more outrage videos being churned out purely for clicks, views, and subs. Seriously guys, this will only get you so far, and last for so long. More people are complaining about the new prestige format comics in this community than at most local comic shops.


I believe a lot of this is causing people to begin to feel disenfranchised faster as they sometimes take the word of the YouTube personalities who are often just being outraged for clicks instead of being sincere. Or they’re just hearing more and more people bad mouthing a product and they’ll eventually begin to believe themselves without ever actually sampling or trying the product.


And lately, the online comics community seems to be becoming less and less about comics anymore. While some personalities like to claim they’re the future for the industry, I submit that if that future is about barely even talking about comics, but mostly just outrage culture to generate interest, then you can count me out.



Rants from the Multiverse: Outrage culture is getting out of hand

Robert Willing

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