Comic Creators Creepily Celebrate Censorship of US President

I took a look at some leftist creators’ reactions to Donald Trump being ousted from presidency through fraudulent means, along with being banished from social media servers like Facebook and Twitter. As expected, they couldn’t be happier and more gloating.


For example, here’s Kurt Busiek:


We can only wonder what Kurt thinks of Rudy’s past efforts to keep NYC safe in his time as the mayor. Now, practically the whole state’s going to ruin under Andrew Cuomo as much as Bill de Blasio. By the way, does Busiek have any concern over Twitter allowing Islamofascists to spread hatemongering against Israelis on Twitter?

But the worst comment Busiek made to date has to be this mind-boggling horror:


What kind of ghastly blood libel is this supposed to be? Something that definitely forces anybody sensible to separate art from artist and take Busiek’s past work on superhero fare with a big bag of salt, that’s for sure. Of all the tasteless remarks Busiek could’ve made to date, this is one of the most vomit-inducing. As though it weren’t bad enough Pence seemingly threw Trump under the bus this past week, and the outgoing veep is willing to attend the inauguration of Biden, whose undeserved ascension he enabled. Certainly that was sad, but to make contrived accusations that Trump wants to endanger Pence is much worse, and utterly offensive.

I also noticed the following from Carlos Pachecho:



This appears to be from some of the most recent renditions of Captain America, and frankly, I am quite bored silly at this point with the obsession these modern phonies have with trying to exploit these examples for demonizing any and all conservatives as outright stupid, tunnel-visioned fanatics.


Another example is Mark Russell:



Well I think this says all we need to know about what Russell thinks of Haley for supporting Israel at the UN’s vile assembly, if anything (yet even Haley’s a disappointment, as Pamela Geller reveals).


And then, an example of somebody who’s been at this far-left charade for years already, Ron Marz:



He even made sure to signal he condones the BLM movement no matter how repellent their conduct. Also, how fascinating he’s insisting on wearing a surgical mask, but not demanding vaccines be provided if that’s what it takes to return to a normal situation more easily.


And then, here’s somebody who’s occasionally worked in comics for the worse, who appears to be parroting Joe Biden’s comments:




Why do I get the bad feeling Meltzer supports Black Lives Matter and Antifa? Because he’s perpetuating racial propaganda, and all the while ignoring the damage those movements have caused to the US. Oregon and Portland are some of the worst-hit areas and practically allow Antifa and BLM’s rioting to go almost entirely unpenalized, yet Meltzer would rather make stealth attacks on conservatives as the only problem. It’s absolutely shameful. He also ignores revelations that Antifa infiltrated the crowd going to the Capitol. And no comment about the tragic death of Ashli Babbitt, a former servicewoman? That’s certainly telling something.

Maybe the worst example would be Star Wars veteran Mark Hamill, who’d made a call for Trump’s exile, and who knows? Hamill may be the prime culprit responsible. And that’s one of the saddest things about the people involved with the SW franchise, past and present.



Editor’s note: And then some good news:



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Avi Green

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