No Evidence: Alyssa Wong Denies Making Tweets Attacking Stan Lee


Bounding into Comics and other outlets ran a story today that alleges new Marvel Comics writer Alyssa Wong made an incendiary tweet attacking Stan Lee, his legacy, and C.B. Cebulski. YouTuber, The Quartering also ran with the story. However, I did a search of her Twitter profile and found no evidence of any tweets by her mentioning Stan Lee. One thread relates to a deleted tweet which might correspond to the tweet in question, but the dates do not match up to Stan’s passing at all. In fact, Alyssa has responded today on her Twitter and denies it ever happened. We have evidence of where this rumor may have come from, because frankly, Ms. Wong HAS shared tweets that can arguably be labeled as “racist” regarding Marvel Comics.


She did insult and attack the current editor in chief that just hired her… but those tweets have since been deleted. We have them below and archived at this link here and here. She may have deleted another tweet about Stan closer to when he passed away, but we can’t find it in the archives.




As for the hating Stan Lee tweet? We have to label that under fake news


No Evidence Alyssa Wong Ever Made "Disgusting" Tweet Attacking Stan Lee



Preston Poulter

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