Nerdette FollowUp: Cult of Zoë Quinn’s Ugly Reaction to Criticism?

Tristen Just, a Bleeding Fool contributor, and YouTube personality who’s reviewed various comics, suffered threats and doxxing after she was critical of DC Comics for continuing to hire video game programmer Zoe Quinn to write a book with a Superman/Batman crossover:


One Angry Gamer had the following to report: 


Tristan (sp?) from Nerdette’s NewsStand had recently taken sabbatical from social media and YouTube after making a video critical of the cult of Zoe Quinn and the companies that keep enabling that cult to exist, such as DC Comics, who rehired Quinn to work on the Infected: Deathbringer #1 comic featuring a crossover with Batman and Superman. The criticisms aimed at Quinn, however, cost Tristen in the form of being targeted for threats and being doxed.

The doxing scared Tristen (sp?) off YouTube and Twitter, with the content creator – known for reviewing comics, talking about nerd culture, and consistently criticizing the Regressives who have ruined all of our hobbies and entertainment – deciding to close up her Twitter account and lock her YouTube channel down for a while.


She’s since resumed, but doesn’t use Twitter now, which is surely a good idea. I think what this proves is that Twitter is getting to be as bad as MySpace was accused of being over a decade ago before Facebook edged them out on social media usage, and even the latter’s not clean of the stench.

Having taken some time to study all the details involving this Quinn, it does appear she’s much worse as a cultist than thought, and I do know that if anybody committed doxxing of her critics, the victims have to contact the FBI/police immediately. It’s stunning how many online felons there are going miles out of their way to threaten people over petty issues like showbiz products.

In related news, this Quinn reportedly made unconfirmed allegations of abuse against a video game designer who recently committed suicide, and new findings have put her claims under a question mark. Yet she’s merely dismissed the countering data with classic victimology tactics.

So it’s obviously a tragedy the mediums are continuing to employ her when she’s caused only so much embarrassment outdoors, fails to condemn anybody committing criminal offenses in her name, and clearly only cares about her own bloated ego.

I hope Just is okay, and let me be clear about something: Twitter is not something any sane person need use. Heck, I don’t see what anyone sees in a site that doesn’t even give you an edit-post function. It’s just a lot of babbling junk, otherwise unintelligent, and no substitute for writing platforms which give you a lot more space and editing options to boot, along with HTML use. Twitter doesn’t have any of that. The less ordinary people and even businesses using Twitter, the better. There’s no need to provide such a pretentious company with customers.


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