Mark Hamill Offers Salty Viewing Advice for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

Brent Ashcroft is a news anchor for WZZM TV13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan who recently tagged ‘Luke Skywalker’ actor Mark Hamill in a tweet where he included a photo demonstrating that he had purchased 32 tickets to a December 19 IMAX showing of The Rise of Skywalker with the comment “This better be good @HamillHimself! 32 tickets ain’t cheap!


Not exactly sure why he felt the need to tag the Mr. Hamill, or spend $500 to see the final film in this embarrassing sequel trilogy, but it’s a safe bet that he didn’t expect Mark Hamill to respond, much less to respond in his particularly salty style.  [editor]



Thanks to Martin Athor for the tip.


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