Hypocritical Funny Book Editor Beclowns Herself Over Joker Film


Ms. Antos must have forgotten that the internet never forgets…


Mic Drop.


We have… questions.


  1. How can she judge a film she hasn’t seen? It just won Best Film at the Venice International Film Festival 2 days ago, was she there?
  2. Why do types like her think the Joker movie will make a million white terrorists, but say a holy book such as the Q’uran would have nothing whatsoever to do with Islamic terrorism?
  3. Is showing that bad guys have emotions going to destroy her black and white world view and make it more difficult for her to demonize white males?
  4. Doesn’t this mean the new Harley Quinn movie is also “problematic”?
  5. Did anyone ever actually ask what Rachel Miller wanted? Who cares?


That’s it for now. YouTube personality Just Some Guy broke this down perfectly already, but I really wanted to try to get my questions answered.


Meanwhile, I have some advice for Ms. Antos, Rachel Miller, and anyone else triggered at the mere idea of a character study of possibly the greatest villain in DC Comics history – neither of whom have seen the film yet since it won’t be released wide until October 3.


Don’t go see it.





Oh, and if you’re blocked, here’s the exchange if you don’t want to sign out of Twitter:


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