Tweets From the Trench: A 2018 Tweets Retrospective

I know it’s already January 9th, and all the retrospectives and look-backs have probably gotten a bit stale, but I’m going to have some fun with this particular piece and want to create a new annual column for a yearly roundup of the absurd. 

Below are some of the funniest examples of foul tweets or idiotic NPC buzz-think and any related materials that I plucked out of the morass over the past year that relate to geek-culture and comics for your viewing pleasure.

I went through my receipts folder and picked the ones that make my ribs hurt.

I hope they do the same for you.

So put your feet up and make sure you don’t have any food or drink in your mouth.

If you’d like, you can send any you might have to my twitter @60Recce .

I’ll use them to make a collection of this year’s catch for


And so the tale begins bold travelers, in the most bitter of January mornings – early 2018.

Fans were still reeling from very bizarre and divisive choices that had been made by some of our most beloved franchises.

It began with the riding of the sluice-way that burst after audiences were offered up a terribly disjointed and amateurish take on the Star Wars Universe.

**Hang on, I’m going to need the Trebuchet MS font for this***

It went something like this….

At first the fans weren’t quite sure how to understand let alone accept this abuse.

There were few among us who would find the courage to stand and say – NO!!!

And so, the shilliest media went berserk with accusations and clever narratives. 

They believed that the time of the grate excoriation had come…

(they were soooo right…)

For clearly it was obvious for all to see

that the vile agents of “MuhPatriarchy”, “MuhRacism” and “MuhTrans-hatred!!”

were scheming and conspiring to destroy goodness and virtue once more…

But fret not bold readers…

‘Twas but a ruse played by tricksters and liars…

Facts, once the kryptonite of the ignorant and petty, 

were useless against this new wave of self styled justice it seemed.

Thankfully it was only a glitch in the matrix… 

There were, however, many such glitches over the course of 2018.

Here are a handful of some terribly flawed logical positions,

mixed with incredible ego type ‘fuckery’ in no particular order.

Many out there may look back on fondly…

on battles fought and won…

and to those that have yet to come…

Enjoy !!!


Oh, that guy that #Comicsgate kicked out because he went off on a widow…

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