Star Wars Book Editor Jennifer Heddle No Longer Against ‘Shoehorning Diversity’…


When pointing out the moronic communist political propaganda in Disney’s Star Wars, SJWs will respond by reciting the pre-programmed line, “Star Wars has always been political.”


Few SJWs are unable to understand that what’s being criticized is the current communist politics, not politics in general. The distinction is utterly lost on them. The few who are able to directly address that distinction, will then respond by reciting the pre-programmed line, “Star Wars has always been SJW.”


When criticizing the obsession of Disney Star Wars creators have on race and gender, or citing the phrase “forced diversity,” SJWs start slinging the istophobe pejoratives around, and then have to be reminded thar Star Wars was always diverse even before they were born.


So it’s a good thing that the internet is forever.


An archived article from published in 2012, discusses Del Rey’s Expanded Universe. A variety of comments regarding the Celebration panels are described by Jennifer Heddle, who wrote the following as senior editor for Lucas Books:



My, my, my.


Jennifer Heddle is now the Executive Editor of Star Wars books for Disney Publishing, so perhaps Ms. Heddle has been able to afford a shoehorn in recent years. The nature of the authors she hires would seem to suggest that she has.


If SJWs are forced to respond to this they’ll likely type out some self aggrandizing statement about how they’ve evolved, or something equally meaningless. Regardless, the Collective may require Ms. Heddle to atone for her cardinal sin.


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