RFTM: When True Fans Are Worse than SJW Fans?! (Video)

This is one rant that has been cooking up for a while! As a big fan of geek-culture, I’ve been involved with multiple fandoms for a long time and I’ve always noticed something about certain passionate segments of those fandoms that dates back LONG before the “SJW fans”…The “True” Fans! The fans that think they know what is best for the franchise and will gate keep those that don’t disagree and may even go after the CREATOR THEM SELF if they don’t think they’re going their route!

The way I see it, they are far worse than the SJW fans ever have been! Why do I think that? Well, listen and try and change my mind to think otherwise!

Rants from the Multiverse: True Fans Worse than SJW Fans!

Robert Willing

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