Bleedin’ Cool Says Rambo & Others Are “Heroes for Garbage People”

A recent article from our friends over at Bleedin’ Cool states that Tyler Durden is a “garbage person” and only liked by “garbage people.”  The article goes on to list other garbage people heroes such as John Rambo, Travis Bickle, and the Joker.


What these protagonists have in common is that they are men engaged in transgressive acts in pursuit of what they determined to be right. Those types of men can safely be labeled as terrorists or malcontents while living the cushy life and deciding what kind of IKEA furniture defines you as a man, but are necessary for any meaningful change to occur in society. I am sure that the author, Andy Wilson, feels that society needs changing and applauds the efforts of groups such as ANTIFA in their efforts to do so. I also noticed that Captain Marvel was not on the garbage hero list. Did she not assault a man and take his motorcycle because she found it expedient?


More than anything, the left has chosen to attack “toxic masculinity” as being the main culprit of the ills of society. Each of these “garbage heroes” is then targeted not because of what they have done, but for who they are and to whom they are speaking. I go through the article in the video below:


Was Tyler Durden a hero?

Preston Poulter

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