YouTube Destroys YouTubers

As digital media powerhouses (managed to find a way to) collapse in this modern age where more people depend on their smart phones to stay connected, Voltaire’s words continue to spring up in their eternal wisdom. This is clear with the latest wave of censorship spearheaded by a news media outlet turned entertainment company over the harmful effects of words inside a virtual environment. Despite the rulings in Hustler Magazine, Inc. et al. v. Jerry Falwell which identified the importance of allowing the free flow of ideas despite possible negative emotional impact on the target of ridicule, media companies continue to bend the knee to outrage mobs. The courts further identified the need of thick skin as the First Amendment envisions that robust debate will occasionally yield critical speech, which for the most part must continue to be protected.


“To learn who rules you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


Maza, who disappointingly is not an ingredient in tamales, has endured waves of attacks directed at him. He has been labeled “gay,” and “Mexican,” which he clearly is not. I have never heard Maza, who is also not an ingredient in tortillas, speak but I fully believe he does not have a “lispy” voice. Maza, who is also not composed of fresh vegetables, herbs, cheese, or a savory pastry, is clearly a martyr that with absolutely no potential personal gain whatsoever has taken up his cross and made his way to his Calvary. I also take offense in the machinations of those who are intolerant of an obvious straight, white, American man who has the manliest voice ever, and that are proposing that this brave stand was influenced by the fact that this month marks:


The beginning of the Women’s World Cup, Maza does not look to be the “futbol” playing type, but that may be my own ignorance at stereotyping him due to his fragile looking body type. Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, Maza clearly has a huge brain and is highly intelligent. Cataract Awareness Month, Maza’s eyes don’t look obstructed, but rather dreamy. Hernia Awareness Month, Maza does not look to be in danger of this unless spontaneously appearing due to a weakening of muscle groups or lifting heavy objects with poor technique, which come on he has to stay looking fabulous so that’s not going to happen. Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, clearly head is not a problem for him or his husband or their multiple partners. Oh no, here I go adding kink shaming on top of misgendering and stereotyping. Scleroderma Awareness Month, clearly there is nothing hard or thick about Maza’s skin.


But I digress, instead of trying to find flaw in Maza’s narrative, we need to stand behind him. (Unintentional pun.) Words hurt, ok? They hurt bad. There is no need to teach future generations how to overcome all manner of adversities, conflict resolution, or communication skills. All those future generations need to learn is that if they cry loud enough and use the appropriate buzz words, they can get anything they want. Because why work hard to achieve your dreams when you could just salt the earth and make sure that if you can’t get your dreams accomplished, then no one else can. Maza highlights the dangerous world of the internet. As it continues its path into becoming a public space, crimes like the ones he has endured will inevitably rise in frequency.


“When you tear out a man’s tongue you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”


Worry not, Content Creators, though your channels may be demonetized, YouTube will continue to make their money with the ever-increasing number of ads that they add to each video that is approved for upload. Giant corporations will continue to pull their revenue and talks of creating a viable competitor will return. I am not sure if YouTube truly hates their creators, or if they are in an abusive relationship with Google, opting to roll over instead of standing up for those that have made it such a popular platform. (Despite the fact that every Android device is preloaded with YouTube, and it’s nearly impossible to uninstall completely.) But the reality is that the abusive relationship is extended to YouTube and its creators, hopefully the site will not implode when the snakes that are steering the ship turn against each other, much like they have in every single other platform.

But in all seriousness, this latest wave of censorship in YouTube inevitably highlights the flaws within their system, and they may have put their protection as a platform in jeopardy. By showing that they can censor a vast amount of information, and successfully censor wrong think, they opened themselves up to potential federal regulatory questions. If they can review such a massive amount of information, they can’t label themselves as safe havens for content, meaning that YouTube could be held accountable for Copyright Infringement and Abuse. Hopefully, Google won’t take long to remember who it was that brought them the ultimate power that they are now readily abusing. I’ll try not to hold my breath.


Author’s Note: I forgot to include Men’s Health Month, I am unsure about this one applying to Maza, since he has shown that he doesn’t have any balls.

Michael Gutierrez

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