Huge Skywalker Spoiler Leaked for Episode IX!

It’s been no secret that Mark Hamill is no fan of how Disney has proceeded with the Star Wars Sequel trilogy, phasing out the legacy characters in favor of new characters with no depth and poorly written story arcs. According to sources close to the marketing team of Episode IX, however,  Hamill may actually be playing the online community for fools and the whole disenchantment with the handling of Luke may have actually been part of a slick marketing ploy to build anticipation for Episode IX.

Sources say that Luke Skywalker will actually manifest in the flesh and take on the First Order in what’s being described as a “Force battle, the likes of which have never been seen on film.” The source didn’t want to elaborate due to spoiling what he considered “the most satisfying fan service in all of Star Wars” since Vader’s light saber onslaught at the end of “Rogue One.” The source was quick to put out there that fans will indeed be rewarded with the Luke Skywalker they have been waiting for since “Return of the Jedi.”

Some details this source did reveal are as follows:

  1. -Some legacy characters from both the original and prequel trilogy will return in a battle to end all battles
  2. -Lando Calrissian will allegedly unlock the program in the Millenium Falcon that reactivates the L3-37 memory. This, along with a scene of the dice, will connect this film with “SOLO: A Star Wars Story.”
  3. -Darth Vader will appear in one scene, but not in the way fans think.
  4. -Rey will indeed face some major setbacks, which is meant to helps us connect with her when she faces Kylo Ren in the final battle.
  5. -One of the Knights of Ren will allegedly be tied to a significant Jedi warrior from the prequels, and is said to bring some vindication for the slaughtered Jedis from “Revenge of the Sith” in the final battle for Episode 9.
These were all the details the source was willing to share, but it does make for some fascinating developments for a film that has all but disconnected itself from the Original Trilogy. Perhaps the timing of the reveal of this information indicates Lucasfilm and Disney realize the need to bring back many of the disenfranchised fans lost after “The Last Jedi,” and wish to end the Skywalker saga on a grand note, which means hopefully making more then the 2 billion that “The Force Awakens” made in 2015.

Alberto Martinez

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