Lost Doctor Who ‘The Daleks’ Master Plan’ Discovered in Wakanda


It turns out that King T’Challa (or perhaps his old man) must be a Whovian. The ‘Mostly Lost’ 12 episode arc during the pioneering First Doctor (William Hartnell) run surfaced in Wakanda in late February this year. Apparently considered a national treasure, King T’Challa felt like giving the classic serial back to a post snap-then-unsnapped world.


“We did the best we could to keep it pristine, and even managed to make it HD.” King T’Challa told the Daily Bugle, going on to say:

“The world needs to heal after Thanos…and the present Doctor on the TV…”




Since January 30th 1966, the treasured dozen episodes have been kept in an elaborate cryogenic vault in Wakanda’s capitol, only to be removed for annual airings on April 1st. Why this date is significant isn’t entirely certain, but Wakandan media ambassadors have assured the BBC that they will be giving them the proverbial Lost Grail of Who this coming April 1st.


“We’ll be over-nighting them [The Episodes] this Thursday.” Princess Shuri told the The Globe

“You’ll have them Friday, honest…”



Lucas Paris

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