Disney to Introduce Non-Binary Characters in Upcoming Toons

Did you see the new cartoons that been circulating the internet back channels?


Cartoons like:

It’s Hammer Thyme.” A spare hammer hanging out in a junkyard, wanting to be a chief, instead of being a blunt instrument of smashing defenseless nails.

Ice, ice baby.” Ice cube parents, trying hard to bring up a new baby in a hot and crazy world above the freezing point.



Grease.” In the crazy fast world of the Dictionary, where words are constantly changing their meanings, a single world, “Grease,” has slid by without anyone noticing. Until the Dictionary Overlords stumbled across a word puzzle clue; “Six words down, ‘Is the word.'”

Never gonna give you up.” A bottle cap has lost sight of his soft drink bottle companion, while getting a wash in the dishwasher, only to discover that the bottle has gone “green,” and is sporting a new adjustable cap. Now the cap, has to make his way across the kitchen and into the refrigerator to re-unite with the juice bottle.


Is this crazy new world, where everything is questioned, including our thoughts…. real?


Or is this an April Fools joke?



George Gatsis

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