WoTC Considering NPC Stat Format Change… Why?!

I am sitting here shaking my head at the direction of things in gaming lately. Instead of people worrying about where their character will go, or what sword they will use, we get people worrying about the format of how stat blocks are listed in the books, and it all started with a tweet (shocking, right?) on Twitter by James Introcaso in what appeared to be just a harmless tweet about wanting to correct the mistakes he’s seen in the the formatting:

That’s great, we’ve all probably done this from time to time, because we like things to be perfect in our games and I can’t blame a fellow gamer in the hobby for wanting that and when I run my games I put up my stat blocks in as simple as possible format. Even my 5e stat blocks, I put in the info I need such as: NAME or Class or Monster, HPs, ToHit, Saves, Specials, Page# and that’s all I really need.

I’ve been playing long enough that I don’t need much and I am a DM that knows how to think outside the box to keep the flow of the story and combat moving along with out skipping a beat.

BUT Wizards of the Coast believes its time for a change, because apparently people can’t read a stat block or its format is outdated or Chris Perkins thinks he’s the new father of D&D or he wants to “….make books that are gorgeous, thoughtfully organized, fun to read, and easy for DMs/players of all experience levels to use.”

Take a look, I grabbed what is essentially the conversation on that ENworld post.

That is what artwork and layout is for Chris. Knock it off. With what you are purposing is something much like this guy named Osgood is suggestion in the comments:

That is what the new stat blocks will look like? So now we gotta copy an entire fucking story about the monster, should we include how much he eats and how many times a day he shits? Because I am sure that is coming next.

New Dungeon Master’s need to learn how to read Stat Blocks and create their own, for adaptability. We don’t need a story for every monster or NPC and I foresee this happening. This going to be the new norm, and we’ll have these modules in the DM’s Guild with pages of stupid story driven stat blocks.

Also, I’ve noticed that he listed “non-binary” when writing his “stat block” – Why? Why use that? You don’t even need gender in there, Just let the DM decide what the sex of the NPC is, why must it be force fed to us? I don’t give a crap about his sexual preference or how he identifies on today.


That’s all this is.

I am done with WoTC editions.

I’ll stick with Gygaxian editions of D&D, back when things were left up to the DM and we weren’t force fed crap on a cracker.

Vince The Evil DM

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