Bloomberg Business Hails the Rise of “Professional DMs”

As reported in Bloomberg Business, enterprising individuals are earning a surprising amount of money offering their services as Dungeon Masters for the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. The story specifically mentions: 


  • A guy in Silicon Valley who runs private games for new players for $300 a session or charges businesses $500 a session to run a game as a business seminar. Private lessons to learn the system are $100/hr
  • A pastor who offers D&D fellowship retreats for members of his church which can range from roughly $400-$700 per person
  • An online DM who offers sessions at $10-$15 a head and is busy seven days a week
  • And a Twitch streamer who gets lots of eyeballs on the in-person games they are involved with


Wow. Turns out, the biggest diversion from my studies has become more profitable than what I studied! Here’s my opinion on the matter


Bloomberg Business hails the rise of "Professional DMs"

Preston Poulter

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