Zombieland Double Tap Review: Better Off In a Utopian Zombiepocalypse



My usual crew and I went to see Zombieland Double Tap this week, but before doing so, I had to catch them up as they had not seen the original. I didn’t bother showing them the Amazon Prime series, as I feel it’s a pale imitation. Zombieland for a long time, was the one zombie film, that even people who are not fans of zombie movies or T.V. shows, actually enjoy. I was certain it would remain that way, until we went and saw Double Tap. They are fun films with likable characters and relatable plots. They are also super self aware, never take themselves too seriously, and are tonally consistent. All are things I greatly appreciate.


Zombieland Double Tap is the one sequel that, while being ultimately unnecessary, also accomplishes something that some of the biggest film franchises of the last twenty years or more, have failed to do I’m talking franchises like Star Wars, Terminator, Aliens and Predator. Double Tap respects the original film and expands on it in every way possible, and makes it all feel like something we didn’t know we wanted to see. And even though Double Tap was released Ten Years after the original, it still manages to feel like a completely organic continuation. Double Tap is possibly the most entertaining Zombie Film I’ve seen since Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead/ Dead Alive, which came out in 1982. Dead Alive also happens to be my second favorite zombie film of all time, the first of which is The Serpent and The Rainbow.



We not only get some truly great new characters, vehicles, creative weapons, set pieces and locations, but we also get some new zombies, like actually new zombies. My favorites of which are The Homers (which are kind of the dumber zombies) and ‘Madison’ as played by the ever so lovely and brilliant Zoey Deutch. I honestly don’t know which of the two is funnier, Madison or Homer, Homers. Our main characters also get some much need growth and development. They also toned down the gore without it being a detriment to the overall experience. I mean it’s still bloody, gory and has plenty of action. Over all the film is tons of fun.



There’s a lot I could go into, but I fear it may enter spoiler territory, and I really just want anyone who happens to read this to go and see the film spoiler free. Most of what I have talked about, you can see in the trailers. I also really want Zombieland Double Tap to do well, in particular I want it to surpass a certain other ultimately unnecessary sequel. One that just happens to be at the current Number One spot, undeservedly, but since it belongs to the biggest studio on the planet, it’s probably going to make a ton of money. Zombieland was a fairly self-contained film with a satisfying ending, and I feel I can say the same about Double Tap. That being said, after seeing what director Ruben Fleischer, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernic, did with Double Tap, I totally would not mind seeing a third film. They obviously love the project and still have more stories to tell.



The movie is apolitical, and overall completely inoffensive, which in a normal world would be a great thing. Sadly we live in click bait society where the majority of the media outlets only care about controversy and fake outrage. If you look at spoiled granny smith apples, it has a 66% critic score and a 90% audience score. Which brings me to how I normally like to end my reviews. If you have read them before, you know where I’m headed and I want you to say it loud with me.





Oh, before I go I will say one thing. Stay for in your seats till the theater lights come back on. If you don’t you may end up playing a game of musical chairs like we had to. I almost ended up sitting on my friend Robby. Neither of us would have enjoyed that.



Time for some random thoughts.


In Zombieland, the Zombiepocalypse happened at the very start of a certain 2009 presidency, so it’s almost as if it never happened. After seeing what has happened since then, and how things are now. I think it’s safe to say there are those who feel as if we would have been better off in a Utopian Zombiepocalypse.


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