Young Justice S3 Drops today! Our Exclusive Look at Tie-In Comic!

With Young Justice Season 3 Premiering today on the DC Universe App, I decided to look at the exclusive tie in comic for the show. That’s right, DC created two special comics to help folks “get back into the mood” of Young Justice.

Being a huge fan of DC Comics and this cartoon especially, I was more then excited about this.


The first comic starts off with just a few members of the “team”, in the watch tower, Batgirl, Beastboy, Miss Martian and Superboy.

Just a side note here, I could not stand Beast boy and how they played him out in the cartoon season 2, and I am hoping they don’t do the same for him this new season. He was one of my favorites when reading him in the past and this cartoon turned him in an annoying gimmick character that looked dumb.

Anyhow back to the review.

The team comes in for a mission briefing because PSimon is on caught on camera in the US, and the team suspect he’s up to something.

We see tensions with Miss Martian and Superboy are high as they are fighting and not friendly for some odd reason. They attempt to cover with some character side talk, but they never really say “Why?”

Now they go off on their mission to what appears to be a local convention to find Psimon. BUT the team kind of becomes distracted as the actress who played the mother on the TV show, Hello, Megan? is on stage being interviewed.

Superboy, Beastboy and Miss Martian listen in as Superboy encourages Miss Martian to ask questions about Hello, Megan? because she’s afraid. He gives her an encouraging speech, which made me roll my eyes and she does ask her questions, but afterwards they go back to their cold stance on one another.


Guess you’ll have to jump onto the app and find out, but as you can suspect this comic is focusing on Psimon.

Side note: Batgirl’s role in this is basically next to nothing and kind of pointless.

Final Thoughts:

  • Its safe to say this comic is about finding out what’s up between M’Gann and Conner’s relationship.
  • Based on the cover you can see it revolves around them going through a TV, so what do you think happens?
  • The second comic just picks up where the first one left off, finishing off the story of the team, but I can’t spoil that for you.

Just go read and then enjoy season 3!

Vince The Evil DM

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