Young Justice #1 Review: Did It Get the ‘Bendis’ Treatment?

So I was excited about Young Justice coming back after waiting for years after the cartoon went off the air on Cartoon Network. DC Universe, finally brought it back last week and drew up two tie in comics to help you get back into the mood, I did a review of one of them, which stayed true to the animated universe, but DC was advertising another comic, with writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Bendis has been know to add his political slants into a comic, and take something that was solid and shove it into the toilet.



The story seemed like it could be interesting, as we get what seems to be a powerful group of villains show up in Metropolis creating chaos screaming for Superman, but Supes never shows up as we get some familiar faces showing up from the “team” and some new ones, including one calling himself, “Teen Lantern”.

*face palm*

Which they can’t figure out if “Teen Lantern” is a he or a she, so they use “person”. *Bendis shocker*

We also get a few references as to why Hex is using guns and if she can use something else less lethal as well as the police asking if she had a gun because she’s from Texas. *Bendis shocker, again*

We also get some really goofy looking art:

Finally, we get Superboy looking like an utter tool with his hair cut (and face stubble?? HOW?), dressing like he’s stuck COS-playing Vampire the Masquerade from the ’90s:

This is NOT the Young Justice I was hoping for or looking forward to seeing and apparently its off to a BENDIS START!

Plus we never see where the hell Superman is during this entire comic or get any excuse. Hmmm.. Sounds like the CW’s Supergirl last season.


Guess its fine, Bendis has enough comics to write his “Stupor-man” into.

At least I still have the Justice League comic for a safe Superman.

Final Thoughts:


F$%K Bendis…!

Vince The Evil DM

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