Wii Retro Review: Activision’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ (2007) – Was It Really So Bad?


A new Spider-Man game is on the way, but have you already played what is already available? Current gen games are very cool and all, but that doesn’t mean that the games of the past are not worth going back to and giving a try today. In the following video, Captain Frugal takes a journey back to 2007,  and the 7th generation of game consoles to see if Spider-Man 3 holds up today on the Nintendo Wii.



Spider-Man 3- Is It Really That Bad? Wii Retro Review


Maybe Spider-Man 3 isn’t the travesty many people were making it out to be, especially if you enjoyed the movie. It may be time to ignore the online venom and give this classic game another chance.

Captain Frugal

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