Well That Was Interesting: Admired Actors Playing Offbeat Roles

Thespians on occasion like to test themselves and take roles that ‘stretch’ them beyond their usual confines. Sometimes this well be an ‘against-type’ gig, such as a baddie, a real-life character, or a someone with a challenging illness or condition.


Other times, it just goes off the wall and off the rails.


This excludes the usual suspects such as Nic Cage and Johnny Depp, who for the most part, only seem to (over) play eccentrics. You’ll notice that I mentioned both Marlon Brando and Malcolm McDowell in recent articles; I’ll reprise some of their most out-there performances here.


Marlon Brando – in The Missouri Breaks (1976) and The Island of Dr Moreau (1996):

The Missouri Breaks: That For You!

THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU - Best Lines (1996) Marlon Brando



McDowell in The Passage (1979):



Sean Connery in The Avengers (1998):

The Avengers (1998) - Welcome to Wonderland Weather Scene (3/10) | Movieclips


Jeff Bridges in Seventh Son (2014):

SEVENTH SON - Jeff Bridges


Roy Scheider in The Naked Lunch (1991):


Robert De Niro in The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000):

Are you talking to me?


Jeremy Irons who seems to be on a one-man mission to prove he will never nail an American accent (enjoyable performances all the same):

Beautiful Creatures Movie CLIP - Petition (2013) Alice Englert

Adrian Veidt Becomes Ozymandias Again Scene [Watchmen 1x3]

Watch a master at work. Jon Voight – Anaconda (1997):-’nuff said:

Anaconda - Jon Voight Is Watching You


Two from Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy (1990) – Al Pacino (yep he’s gone off the rails since) and Dustin Hoffman, respectively:

Dick Tracy - Al Pacino scene.mp4

dick tracy-mumbles water


Tommy Lee Jones, not just Two-Face from Batman Forever, but in some ways surprising, as he was pretty funny in Under Siege (1992):

Tommy Lee Jones Supercut - Making Noises in Batman Forever


Kenneth Branagh, Wild Wild West (1999):

Will Smith vs Loveless


Many would say Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) for Sir Tony Hopkins…but I would submit Red 2 (2013):

Red 2 (6/10) Movie CLIP - Breaking Into the Asylum (2013) HD


Finally, I submit for your consideration Russell Crowe in Virtuosity (1995):

Virtuosity (5/9) Movie CLIP - SID's Symphony (1995) HD


Tip of the iceberg really, so feel free to weigh in.

Female actors to follow…

Stephen Arnell

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